It’s easy to get bored with the rooms in your home, especially when you haven’t taken the time to actually make them your own. The best way to love your bedroom, kitchen, and every room in your house again is by giving them the makeover they deserve!

Whether you choose to start small or big, here are 10 impressive room makeovers with before and after pics to inspire you and kickstart the change your home needs!

Incredible Kitchen Makeover

Doesn't this transformation look incredible?!
Doesn’t this transformation look incredible?! Source: HGTV

To start in the best way possible, let’s talk about this breathtaking transformation. This homeowner wanted to take their kitchen to the next level, add a dramatic look, and make it unforgettable, and the black and white accents did exactly that.

Want to make your kitchen look breathtaking too?

Then get inspired:

  • Black and white accents
  • Cabinet doors with glass panels
  • Refinished countertop

You can easily rework the elements in your own kitchen and add these ideas!

Small Kitchen Facelift

Paint can do wonders!
Paint can do wonders! Source: Manhattan Nest

If you want to see a simpler, but equally unforgettable makeover, then check out this amazing kitchen facelift from Manhattan Nest. Besides the needed ceiling and flooring update, the focal point here is the painted cabinets, which is a great and affordable way of renovating a kitchen on a budget.

Brighten the Dining Room

Bright walls are the new trend for dining rooms.
Bright walls are the new trend for dining rooms. Source: Design Sponge

Dark dining rooms no more! Forget those bulky chairs and dark walls, now every homeowner wants brighter, lighter, and fresher rooms. This before and after featured above has a few updates that any dining room can benefit from:

  • Brightened walls
  • Painted furniture from black to white
  • Changed chairs from bulky to light and modern
  • Removed framed painting and clutter
  • Updated light fixture

More Is Better

Sometimes more is better!
Sometimes more is better! Source: Design Sponge

Yep, that’s right. Sometimes that ‘less is better’ mentality doesn’t work, and it’s best to add more pieces to make the room more interesting. In this living room, the pink and brass accents make the space look much more lively and fun, while all the added seating options actually makes the space look bigger, not smaller.

From Unused Attic to Beautiful Girl’s Room

Make the attic useful!
Make the attic useful! Source: My Domaine

An unused attic is a world of possibilities: it can be your next cozy retreat, a convenient guest bedroom, a fun playroom, or, in this case, a beautiful and dreamy kid’s hideaway. The small size actually makes the place even cozier, while the bright and fresh environment is perfect for kids to play and have fun in.

$100 Kitchen Renovation

Can you believe this transformation only cost $100?
Can you believe this transformation only cost $100? Source: Imgur

Hard to believe this transformation only cost $100, right? Well, that’s what creativity and patience can do! Here are the updates that the homeowner made:

  • Painted walls
  • Painted cabinets
  • Vinyl plank for the floor
  • New baseboards

These simple, but genius updates completely transformed the space, while the DIY nature of the project kept the costs down.

From Bland to Breathtaking

Boring no more!
Boring no more! Source: Polished Habitat

Why have a bland bedroom when you can have a gorgeous one? The before image lacks style and personality, while the after image overflows with them! The texture on the main wall takes advantage of the big open space upwards, making it more balanced, while the added frame adds an interesting focal point.

The color scheme, focusing on white, gray, and dark blue, adds a very modern touch to the room, making it even better.

From Vanilla Bathroom to Sexy Retreat

All the drama!
All the drama! Source: The Blooming Hydrangea

The bathroom is one of the most relaxing and intimate rooms of the house, so it deserves beautiful decor too! Here, the updated floor and backsplash were also great additions, but the major transformation was done with painted walls and cabinets, which added some drama and style to the room.

From Boring to Stylish

New tiling can already make a huge difference!
New tiling can already make a huge difference! Source: HGTV

Even the half-bath can benefit from a nice makeover! In the transformation above, the tile work was stained and looking dated, so it deserved some attention. A strip of geometric black and green tiles against white tiles creates an interesting look, making the bathroom look cleaner and larger.

The window casing and trim got a fresh coat of black paint to match the tiles, which is an easy way of adding style to the space.

Industrial and Military-Themed Home Office

The perfectly productive home office!
The perfectly productive home office! Source: Blesser House

Just because the home office is already functional, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some thought. This is the place where you work, where you create and spend your days, so it needs to reflect your style to encourage the productivity and creativity.

This homeowner wanted a mix of military and industrial style, and it works great. The military trinkets match perfectly the industrial-looking shelves, while the new table placement made the room even more comfortable.

Which of these before and after room makeovers was the most interesting for you? Let us know at our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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