Taking care of a lawn can be challenging, time consuming and costly. Even with the very best of lawn care, problems often arise. These natural grass issues include bare spots, weeds, insect and pest invasions, poor irrigation, dry or burnt grass and other problems.

A terrific solution for the woes of ongoing and taxing lawn care is to install artificial turf instead. An artificial lawn won't need toxic chemicals to prevent weeds and insects, and this is good news for families with pets and kids. Besides, nowadays artificial grass types look very natural and are priced reasonably. .

Keep reading to find out other 7 great benefits of artificial grass and why it can be a great option for your home!

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Looks like natural grass but requires almost no maintenance

Laying this type of grass is fairly simple and can be done by a trusted local lawn service that sells artificial grass turf. Usually, the installation is included in the price. Your lawn will always look healthy, since this grass solution looks completely natural, and homeowners can select from a wide range of turf choices. 

Faux grass is extremely low-maintenance, and the only things you’ll need to do regularly is to clean it from debris and leaves using a leaf blower, and brush it every other week to maintain a well-kept look. 

Doesn't wilt in sun, burn or hold too much moisture to cause mold

Every landscaper and lawn care expert understands the need for balance with regards to sunlight, water and soil. Artificial ground cover will never wilt or burn in the sunlight, and the turf will not hold in too much moisture causing grass damaging mold or mildew.

Needs zero harmful chemicals, making it safe for kids & pets

Natural grass landscapes require harmful chemicals to prevent or destroy unwanted weeds or pests. This is unhealthy and not safe for kids or pets at all. Switch to artificial types of turf to avoid these safety and health risks altogether. 

There are some terrific turf styles especially made for yards that have pets.

Leaves homeowner free to enjoy life rather than toiling at landscaping

Simply by installing artificial grass, a homeowner can free up time to enjoy life rather than spend hours of free time toiling away cutting the grass, taking care of weeds, or watering the lawn. 

Imagine if your family could relax outdoors at any given time playing games or having fun throwing a backyard party or BBQ event. This is possible when outdoor landscaping chores are no longer needed.

Saves on water usage & won't harm the environment

As responsible citizens of the planet, each household should do their part to prevent further harm to the environment and to conserve earth's most precious resources that includes water supplies. Live grass requires ongoing watering with sprinkler systems that use a tremendous amount of water each time they’re turned on.

Save on water usage and avoid using poisonous chemicals by installing artificial green ground turf instead. This turf saves water and will not harm the surrounding environment.

Prevents pests & insect infestations naturally

There will no longer be a dire need for applying pest and insect repellents and weed killer chemicals if your grass is artificial. These smart and practical property upgrades will naturally repel insects and other pests that invade most lawns in the search of food, water or other attraction.

Affordable costs and extra long-term savings

The average artificial grass cost is surprisingly affordable to consumers. This is also true when figuring in all cost reductions due to not having to purchase lawn and landscape supplies and tools through the years and decades to come.

Another fantastic benefit is that this lawn solution saves space as there is no longer a need for lawnmowers and large bags or containers of fertilizers, weed killing chemicals, expensive sprinkler systems and other savings.


Making the easy switch to artificial turf that is affordable, realistic looking and requires no maintenance is a smart choice that will keep your landscape looking spectacular from year to year. 

Take time to investigate all of your lawn and landscape turf styles. There is sure to be one or more ideal turf models to suit each unique homeowner and property perfectly. Learn more by contacting a local lawn and turf dealer that will have more great ideas and landscaping solutions at reasonable prices. 

Request a free quote for artificial grass installation and learn more about its benefits by contacting a pro! 


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