Mulch is one of the most important things that your garden needs but is also something that you might forget about when planning your landscape. Even if you do remember it, you may find that you don't want to keep a large mound nearby or deal with figuring out how to use it. That’s why many homeowners hire someone to install the mulch for them. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of mulch installation and using mulch in your yard!

“Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude." – Ralph Marston

Get Rid of Weeds

A big reason why people contact landscape companies to install mulch is that it can help you get rid of weeds. You may not realize that weeds thrive on the same water and nutrients that your plants do. They can even take moisture and nutrients away from those plants and make them look dull or cause their death. 

Using mulch can significantly reduce the number of weeds that you see outside.

Protect Your Soil

Another reason to invest in mulch is that it helps you protect your soil. Soil erosion is a common problem found in most gardens. It occurs when rain and other types of water soak into the soil. The moisture can weigh the soil down and cause it to slide. 

Mulch forms a top layer on the soil that keeps it safe from the rain. You can use it around any plants as well as the trees that you use for landscaping.

Keep Soil Healthy

Do you worry that your plants won't thrive because of your soil? A good reason to use mulch is that it keeps your soil healthy. During any type of storm, the water that falls can wash away the soil and take away the nutrients that your lawn and garden need, and this is where mulch comes in.

If you want the best type of mulch, go with an organic option. They release nutrients into the ground and carry them to different areas of your garden to reach all of your plants. Inorganic mulch lacks these nutrients and may not help your plants as much as organic mulch does.

Eliminate Pests

Many people get help with mulch spreading because they want to avoid or eliminate pests. If you ever had a garden before, you know that pests can cause a lot of damage. 

Standing water around your yard will attract mosquitoes and other insects. You will also find that mice and wild rabbits use your plants for food. They'll nibble on anything they see and can wipe out your entire garden in a few weeks. 

Mulch forms a protective barrier that blocks their access to your plants' roots. If you use a fragrant type of mulch, the scent can also repel insects and other pests.

Save Plants in the Winter

You may think that you don't need to worry about winter landscaping because you live in an area that gets warm weather all year. However, cold weather can do a lot of damage. Snow, ice and cold temperatures can kill the plants that you expect to come back the next season and damage those that usually thrive in cold weather. 

The protective barrier formed by mulch keeps the roots of your plants safe and can eliminate the injuries and problems that you usually see in winter.

Prevent Damage

You'll also want to use mulch to prevent other types of damage. Did you know that certain diseases attack plants and trees? Those diseases can come from nearby plants or travel through the soil and attack your plants. You also risk diseases reaching your plants from pests that roam through your yard. 

When you search online for “mulch installation near me, you can find someone who will lay down and spread the mulch to help you prevent damage. They can do the job in one day to help you avoid the hassles of keeping bags of mulch in your yard or garage.

Get a Beautiful Look

The top reason to hire professionals to install your mulch is that you get the beautiful look that you want. Laying mulch is often hard because you don't know how much you need and where to put it. 

The best landscapers charge fees that cover both all of the mulch that you need and the cost to spread it. They can estimate your price based on the size of your yard and any landscaping features that you have or want. 

No matter what type of landscaping you want to do around your house, there are some great benefits to mulch installation.           


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