So you’re interested in buying a new home, but you have some time to prepare for the transition and want to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’re not quite sure when you want to move, but you do know that you want to move.

Well this article is for you!

We’ll go over the most financially secure times to move into a new house. There are many factors involved, all involving your situation and what you can do at that time of year.

Tips and Hints

New to buying a home? When is the right time to buy a house?
Getting to know the housing market. Source: Wikiwand

No matter what time of the year it is, there are some guidelines for purchasing a new home that you’ll want to keep in mind for any season. These are mostly financial accounts that will aid you in not losing money during the transition. Here are some basic points to have when selecting the time to buy :

  • Check out the neighborhood
  • Bid cautiously
  • Examine “sleeper costs”
  • Bigger is not always better
  • Get a pre-qualified home loan
  • Don’t move money prior to the sale

Practical Planning

Mark Green, a mortgage financer, wrote a piece to Forbes regarding when the best time to buy a home was.

In his practical wisdom, he said,

“[It] depends on your individual circumstance and goals. Everybody comes to the table with a different profile, what works for one, may not work for another.”

Choose the right options that best fit your situation. Green went on to say that you should never second guess your goals and decisions based on fluctuating interest rates. If you set a solid down payment goal, stick to it.


Learning to navigate and negotiate while buying a new home
How to stay sharp with other bids. Source: Realtors

When the bidding process opens up, the two figures to keep in mind are:

  1. What you can actually afford, realistically
  2. What the property is worth, realistically

While it makes sense to bid low during the first round, that might actually be detrimental to you purchase.


Offer something fair, reasonable, and above all, won’t cause the seller to lose interest. This is why scoping out the neighborhood and getting price ranges for those homes is so important.

Sometimes comparing surrounding properties per square foot is a great way to stay competitive. Otherwise be sure to enquire about local property taxes.

Fact: Many sellers are sensitive to their property taxes. This can make for some solid leverage in negotiations.

The Holiday Benefits

Choosing the right season to buy.
Know what time is best to buy. Source: Vinknowshomes

An analysis revealed that homes are actually cheaper for sale at the end of summer for a variety of reasons. While many experts agree that the best season to purchase a home is during autumn, the best day to close on a deal might surprise you.

Here’s why:

According to some financiers, the best day to close out on a deal is Christmas Eve, and the second best is Easter.

This is something of a covert tactic when you really want to secure a home, the drawback being that it may not work in neighborhoods that are non-Christian.

Remember that:

  • Sales are highest before and during summer
  • Sales drop the most in autumn
  • Sales tend to be lowest during winter

Tip: Always be sure to get a home inspection before buying a house. Request your free estimate now!

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