Have you ever realized how much the size of a room can influence the beauty of the wall paint color? This also happens the other way around: certain colors can make the room feel much smaller or bigger than it actually is. This is why it’s so important to choose the right wall paint colors, especially when you’re considering the bathroom. 

Below you will find some of the best colors for small bathrooms and why they’re so popular! 

Light or Dark?

Colors always had an influence over spaces, giving us different feelings depending on what shade is around. For example, light colors can easily make the place feel open and airier and even make the space look bigger than it really is.

In contrast, dark colors have an opposite effect most of the time. Dark colors usually tend to absorb the light and make the space feel smaller and closed. But on rare occasions, where these tones are properly used, dark colors can have the effect of blurring the edges of walls, and as a result, the place can express an illusion of space and depth.

If you have a small bathroom, trying to make it look smaller probably is not your goal. Dark colors will exacerbate that feeling, making you uncomfortable and maybe even triggering claustrophobia. For that reason, avoid painting the walls with dark colors, unless you want to use them as an accent to brighter tones. 

White and Off-White

Always a good and neutral choice, white brings no mistakes. White not only can make the place look larger, but also makes it feel cleaner, which is always an advantage.

The off-white tone is not different. It gives the same effects as pure white, the only difference is the shade. The tone is more natural and soft, sometimes even compared to the tone of pearls or a really subtle beige.

Light Blue

Popular for expressing tranquility and purity, the blue in its several shades is very common, especially for bathrooms. The tone can give the space an illusion of coldness and peace. It’s a neutral choice and just like with white, there are no mistakes.


Now for a more serious look, beige is such a common choice for several rooms and their furniture, in a lot of variations of shades. The color beige is a synonym of class, balance, and in some cases sociability

Even darker shades that get closer to brown can actually turn out to be great choices of paint colors for a small bathroom, if you know how to use it.

Colorful Tones

Yellow makes the space look cheerful. Source: Paper and Snitch
Yellow makes the space look cheerful. Source: Paper and Snitch

Even though most of the ideas until now are all about neutral and soft colors, they are not the only options. If you’re interested in intense colors, tones like bright yellow, forest green, and red wine can fit perfectly in a small bathroom. But as flashy colors, you need to be strategic in order to avoid visual clutter.

Use these tones as a backdrop for the mirror, or with a tiled wall for the shower space. 

Dark Colors

Even though it’s not usually recommended, it can be interesting to use darker shades combined with neutral walls. 

Tones like purple, semi-gloss black, and brown are easy colors to deal with, if you may be interested in trying them up. Each has a different meaning, but the three of them are easily able to express respect and modernism when used right.

Pick a Color that Makes You Happy

Even though there are types of colors and shades that would fit better as paint colors for small bathrooms, there is no better color for your walls than the one you want.

It’s your home and your bathroom. Choose a color that will make you happy and comfortable in your own place, because overall what really matters is your opinion and joy.

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