Painting your home's interior or exterior surfaces can be challenging when faced with so many different hues and finish options. This home improvement project requires more than just choosing your favorite house paint colors.

There are several things that should be considered when planning to pick a paint color that you won't regret whether the paint is intended for the inside spaces or for the outside of the home.

Think about what mood or vibe you wish your newly painted space to convey when the new colors are dry and the room is ready for use. It is also necessary to pick an appropriate finish or sheen.

Read on for some helpful tips on choosing the best paint for whatever area of your home you intend to change.

“Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude." – Ralph Marston

Determine How You Want the Newly Painted Space to Feel Emotionally

Without even trying, some colors just seem to make individuals feel a certain way. For instance, red that is vibrant and bright may make someone feel upbeat and ready to go. Others might become edgy or angry when exposed to the red hue. For some, a red shade can feel romantic or happy.

Many people believe that soothing colors, like most blues, greens and purples, can create a relaxing and laid-back vibe ideal for bedrooms or other areas where tranquility is desired.

Choose an Appropriate Color Tone or Shade

When searching for your ideal interior house paint colors, take some time to choose an appropriate color shade or tone. Green can be soothing if it is a softer green shade like moss or sea-foam green. Green can also be deep and rich like jewel-toned emeralds. Neon lime green that looks bold can be fun and joyful if not too overdone.

Orange hues can be anything from a bold tangerine, an earthy burnt sienna orange or a pale apricot or peach hue. All are still within the orange tone group, but each shade gives the color a different look and feel.

Decide on a Paint Sheen or Finish

All paint will have its own finish also termed sheen. Matte paint finish, or sheen, is non-reflective in the light and does not have a shiny surface.

This flat finish is ideal for covering large spaces that are not considered high-trafficked areas. A matte finish can look nice in hallways, on ceilings or in dining rooms. Paints with a matte finish do not look as dark as glossy finish paints do. It’s also important to know that these finishes are harder to clean. However, flat paint does hide more imperfections as an added bonus.

On the other hand, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes make the paint shade look darker and richer because the light in the space will bounce off the surface paint layer. Semi-gloss and glossy paint choices are also easier to clean, but glossy paints are not the best for hiding flaws or dirt.

Rooms that are used frequently and/or areas where younger kids will be present often need the walls cleaned more often. This is where a satin paint finish is perfect. Satin finish paints are somewhere in-between high glossy paints and flat or matte paints. Consider using a satin finish in playrooms, bedrooms and family living spaces.

Make sure to purchase exterior paint colors that are designed for being outside exposed to weather changes and other environmental factors. This is when a glossier paint is usually recommended.

Your New Paint Shade Should Complement Other Colors & Decorative Accents

Always keep in mind that a new paint shade should be one that perfectly complements the other color combinations and decorative accents already present in the space. This does not mean that every shade has to match exactly, but your new paint hue should blend well both inside the home and outside as well.

Finding the best exterior paint combinations is easier when you stand back and factor in all of the elements in a specific space. Take special notice of cabinets, furniture and architectural design elements like exposed beams, eave trim and window shutters among many others.

Take Advantage of Online Paint Color Apps & Do Paint Color Swatches

Most paint manufacturers have handy and useful paint color apps that make finding the right paint colors a breeze. Some will allow consumers to snap a few home pictures and upload them into the app. Then, try a few color combinations to get a good idea of how each color should look in your home when finished.

It is also a good idea to do paint color swatches to ensure that your paint hue choice is truly the right one.

Get Expert Advice

Get expert advice from paint professionals who are happy to recommend the best exterior paint colors or interior paint hues from their latest paint collections. Find a knowledgeable local paint specialist near you for further paint color information and assistance. 

Contact a local painting company and request a free estimate for your project! 


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