Perhaps you’ve seen Tiny House Nation or Tiny House Builders on TV and marvel at how much can actually fit into a tiny house. Maybe you’ve heard about tiny houses but never understood what the big deal was. Here are some of the biggest reasons people are making the switch to a tiny house.


Living comfortable in cozy quarters
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The biggest reason to make the switch to a tiny home is freedom. It seems counterintuitive that a home that’s 200 square feet or less is considered freeing, but it’s true. Tiny homes are generally built on trailers, which allows homeowners to pack up and move easily whenever and wherever they want. Since most tiny homes are built to withstand any type of climate, homeowners can adventure far and wide. While some homeowners enjoy the freedom to travel quickly and easily, others prefer settling their tiny home on a giant plot of land and living off-the-grid and as close to nature as possible. They get solar panels attached to the roofs of their tiny houses, plant gardens for food, and enjoy the beauty of nature without being tied to city pipes, wires, or cables. The tiny house movement is all about downsizing and living simpler lives.

Tiny rustic log cabin for a home away from home
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Low carbon emissions means a smaller carbon footprint
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According to The Tiny Life, 68% of tiny house owners have no mortgage. Tiny home owners aren’t tied to one place for 30 years while they pay for their small home. They own their tiny house and can take it with them wherever they want. Tiny houses are also less expensive to build and maintain than regular houses. Most tiny house owners actually built their own homes, which cuts down on labor and building costs considerably. Tiny houses are often built out of reclaimed and repurposed materials, which brings down the cost as well. Using energy-efficient windows, insulation, and other materials allows tiny homes to be heated and cooled at minimal cost. The average cost of a tiny home is anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000. While that may seem high, remember that many tiny house owners don’t have monthly bills to deal with, so it’s a sound investment.

Barn style log cabin for a rustic retreat
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Self sufficient log homes for your personal lifestyle
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The main idea behind the tiny house movement is to live a simpler life. Tiny houses allow for a greener, more natural lifestyle. And opting to move into a tiny house is certainly a big lifestyle change. Aside from downsizing clothes and personal belongings, owners of tiny houses have to be comfortable in small spaces. But those small spaces reap big rewards, especially since they don’t have to worry about bills, maintenance, or being tied down to one area. Living simply doesn’t mean living without luxury. Tiny homes are designed to use every inch of space to its maximum potential. Most tiny houses have queen- or king-sized beds. They all have a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and storage space. Tiny houses force builders and owners to be creative with design and placement to create stunning, tiny homes that can be loved and lived in for years to come.

Mobile units are available for a home as well
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