Have you ever heard about buckwheat pillows? They’re becoming quite popular for many reasons, including:

  • They can reduce snoring
  • Temperature control: these pillows are extremely breathable, staying cool all night long for extra comfort (they’d be great during hot summer days!)
  • They can help with migraine relief
  • They’re hypoallergenic
  • They’re dust mite resistant
  • And they can aid with better digestion

That’s already quite a list of reasons to get one of these pillows, right? Now, check out these three more reasons that’ll make you fall in love with buckwheat pillows!

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” - Jane Austen

Better Sleep

Buckwheat is adjustable and comfortable for a better night of sleep.
Buckwheat is adjustable and comfortable for a better night of sleep. Image source: Apartment Therapy

This is a benefit we look for in basically everything! Really, who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? There are many things you can try to help you sleep like an angel at night, such as drinking teas (or the golden drink!), adding natural plants to your bedroom, or even spraying a bit of lavender essential oil on your pillows at night.

Well, here’s the thing about buckwheat pillows:

Since they are easily malleable (and non-shifting!), it’s really simple to shape them for the best support for your head and shoulders. This helps with spinal alignment and getting you into the right posture and position for sleeping. Which then leads to helping your body relax and getting a good night’s sleep.

Long Lasting

These pillows can last up to 10 years.
These pillows can last up to 10 years. Image source: Inhabitat

The most popular long-lasting pillows are down pillows. Their lifespan can vary from 5 to 10 years depending to how well you care for them and how regularly you wash them. So what about buckwheat pillows? With proper care and maintenance, buckwheat pillows average a lifespan of about 10 years.

Of course, it also depends on the quality of the material.

However, buckwheat pillows make it possible to refresh the hulls once they wear down with time. Simply get a bag of hulls that are made for this very reason and you’re good for another couple of years!

Improved Support

They provide the best support for your neck and back posture.
They provide the best support for your neck and back posture. Image source: The Sleep Judge

As we mentioned above, they’re easily malleable and that’s why they can provide the best support for your whole body to feel at peace. Most cases of neck and back pain are associated with bad posture when sleeping due to different circumstances. For some people it’s a low-quality pillow. For others it’s a mattress that doesn’t support their body properly.

The buckwheat pillow will give your head and neck the best support, putting you in the right position to relax your body and keep your spine straight.

Bonus: Eco-Friendly

As if those reasons all together weren’t enough, there’s also this awesome bonus of buckwheat pillows being eco-friendly! They’re 100% organic, non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradable!


They can smell a bit too strong at first.
They can smell a bit too strong at first. Image source: Sleepopolis

As with everything in life, buckwheat pillows have some features that may turn some people off and we can’t just ignore them if we want to help you make an informed decision. So here are some of the complaints some people had with buckwheat pillows:

  • Getting used to it: the hardness of buckwheat may cause some discomfort and weirdness at first
  • Natural odor: not necessarily a con, but buckwheat does have a natural earthy smell that many can find calming and relaxing, but it also may take some time getting used to (though the smell fades as you use it)
  • Rustling noises: if you have no trouble sleeping, the sound won’t really bother you, but it can get slightly distracting if you’re restless
  • Washability: while cases are washable, the buckwheat itself shouldn’t be put underwater
  • Weight: buckwheat pillows are very heavy
  • Price: they tend to be pricier than most pillows we commonly use

But with all that said and done, the health benefits greatly outweigh some of the negatives, don’t you think?

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