A carpenter is a woodworker, and one of the oldest trades still in practice today. Anything made from wood can be fixed, mended, or built from scratch. If you want to build a deck, fix your stairs, or add a new addition to the home, you're going to want a carpenter (1). A professional carpenter can cost between $20 and $50 dollars an hour (2). As a bonus, framework is actually considered an environmentally friendly material (3). Different carpentry services can include:

  • Wooden siding

    Wooden siding

  • Cabinets


  • Framework


  • Steps and railing

    Steps and railing

  • Exterior buildings

    Exterior buildings

  • Door repair

    Door repair

  • Wood fences

    Wood fences

  • Hardwood flooring

    Hardwood flooring

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Closet Design

You can have a professional plan, design, and construct a closet for you. Not only will it be functional, it can increase the value of your home (4). There can be walk-in, pull-out, and normal features as well. Nothing says "class" like a fully stocked walk-in closet. And custom work can always be tailored to your preferences, if the size of the room is any issue. Otherwise upgrading your room improves the overall value of the house.

Costs of having a new closet installed:

  • Low $600 - $700
  • Middle $1,200 - $2,600
  • High $4,000 - $5,000
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Crown Molding

For kitchen cabinets or simply along the ceiling of a room, crown molding is an incredibly classy design feature that any home can stand to benefit from. This elegant feature can enhance any room, but seems particularly drawn to kitchens. Cabinets etched in crown molding make the room much more decadent. And because it is custom fit, there are a number of angles to choose from, so pick what suits your room best (5).

Crown molding costs:

  • $4 - $8 per linear foot or
  • $2,000 - $5,000 for 500 linear feet
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When a home is in the first stages of construction, it needs to be framed. Framework provides stability and durability to any structure, especially concerning homes. It also essentially acts as the "skeleton" of the structure, both holding it up and keeping it from harm. Afterwards drywall is attached to the framework to fill out the home. Framework can also have a fire resistant coating added to protect it from damage (6).

Cost for framework:

  • Low $12 per square foot
  • Middle $23 per square foot
  • High $30 per square foot
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Handrail Installation

For many steps and staircases a handrail is optimal. Wooden handrails can be constructed in a number of ways that complement your household. And few things are as appealing as a dark stain finish for a staircase handrail (7).

Cost to install or replace a 25 ft. handrail:

  • Low $700
  • Middle $1,000
  • High $1,300
  • Or $27 per linear foot
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Sheds are great for storage. Alternatively, you can have a shed that adds major curb appeal. Whether or not you need a permit is usually dependent on what type of shed you're constructing and the size (8). There are many practical applications for a shed outside of storage. Other ideas for exterior sheds include:

  1. She-shed
  2. Man cave
  3. Workshop
  4. Gardening shed
  5. Storage shed
  6. Studio
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Stair Builders

The easiest way to make other levels in your home more accessible is to have stairs installed in your home. Professional stair builders can craft and maintain that feature. There are many different additional functions for stairs as well (9). Try adding a bookcase, wine rack, or storage shelving underneath. Not only do they look amazing, they offer safety benefits as well (10).

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Wood Rot Repair

No matter how well woodwork is constructed, the passage of time wears down everything. While treatment is possible, you're eventually going to need wood rot repair to combat the damages. Not only with this restore the wood to look good as new, it will also bring the functionality of the structure back. The three main types are brown rot, white rot, and dry rot (11).

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