For countless homeowners coming to a final decision on the flooring material that will best fit the look and feel of a room is a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance. And while there will always be favored types of flooring for certain rooms, the majority of home remodeling projects can look stunning with a wide variety of different flooring materials tying the room’s design together. With this in mind the two most popular flooring types by far for these rooms are carpeting and tiling and the main factors which most homeowners use to decide between these options are the price and ease of caring for each option. For just that reason, you should carefully consider these points when you’re beginning your next flooring remodel.

Carpet Flooring

Tile flooring
Carpet installation

Carpet flooring can offer unbeatable warmth and comfort to any living space as well as a huge variety of style, color, and price preferences. Beyond the benefits of the initial installation carpeting replacements are the fastest and most affordable of all flooring replacement projects and when properly cared for, they can even help improve the air quality of the room by serving as a natural air filter for air-borne pollutants! It’s no wonder homeowners so commonly turn to carpets as their go-to flooring choice for everywhere from bedrooms and hallways to finished basements and dens!

Carpet Installation Costs

Average carpet installations cost between $2 - $15 per square foot, though thicker, more upscale styles can cost more. Remember that selecting less expensive carpeting tends to also be a selection for less lasting quality.

Carpet Maintenance Requirements

Carpet cleaning demands tend to be more tedious than difficult since regular weekly vacuuming and at least annual steam cleaning is necessary to keep the beauty and quality of the material intact.

Tile Flooring

Laminate flooring
Tile flooring

For the most reliably durable and resilient flooring material that can be had on a budget, tile flooring is the best option on the market. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are resistant to damage from pressure, scratches, temperature, and even stains in many cases and can lend a clean, sleek, and stylish look to any space they’re put in. What’s more, tile flooring offers an even higher level of customization in terms of color, size, and style than even carpet does, with tile installation contractors enhancing the look of any space from the kitchen and bathroom to the living and dining rooms!

Tile Flooring Installation Costs

Tile flooring is a hugely customized option with quality, color, size, and material all effecting the final price of installation. That said, most average tile installations cost between $4 - $12 per square foot, with specialized and top quality options costing more.

Tile Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining the look and reliability of a tile floor is one of the most convenient routines a homeowner can engage in. Typically, only prompt cleaning of spills and an occasional sweep is enough to ensure lasting quality!

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