I don’t know about you, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between daily life and that necessary thing we call sleep, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to be the crafting master that I want to be. But there is good news for those of you who find yourself feeling the same way. This year we find ourselves in luck! We have 24 more hours than the standard year as this year, is a leap year. And as it turns out, that day, February 29th, is National DIY Day.

So in light of this beautiful discovery and those 24 extra golden hours, we’ve decided that we are going to do a DIY experiment. DIY, if you don’t already know, means “Do It Yourself” and the growth of the DIY trend is based on the idea that anyone, with a glue gun and the drive to make something, can do it. So we are taking four of the most popular and easy sounding DIY projects and bringing them to a vote on our Facebook page. After the vote, we are going to have one of our editors who have never done anything related to DIY and crafts before. Let’s see what happens!

You can learn how to do the projects here for yourself and head to our Facebook page and cast your vote. After the vote is completed and the mystery editor dives into the crafting abyss, we will post the (likely comical) results.

Comic Book Coasters:

Creative DIY projects for your living room
DIY coasters What's Ur Home Story

For this fun project all you need is cork or premade cork coasters, some comic books that you are willing to part with (or some you print off), and every crafter’s favorite tool, Modge Podge. It’s as easy as cutting your comics to size and using Modge Podge to both attach your print to your coaster and sealing it. That’s it! You will have fun coasters for your home or a gift. Full tutorial here.

Unicorn Horns Headband:

Adorable craft projects to do for your costume design
Great for kids Tikkido

Someone might find this a little more of a challenge with this cute project, but for you DIY lovers out there this one should be a breeze. It’s a unicorn headband, perfect for the child in your life or for those of you out there that want to express your inner unicorn. For this project, you start with felt colors of your choice cut into the correct shapes and you take your handy glue gun and assemble your magical unicorn headband. Your child (or you) can now live out the dream of being a unicorn. Learn how to make it.

Sharpie Mug:

Wonderful little DIY mugs to put in your home kitchen
Home DIY mugs PopSugar

There is nothing better than that first cup of coffee in the morning, except maybe drinking it out of a DIY custom coffee mug that is surprisingly easy to make. For this project all you need is a cheap coffee mug of your choice, oil based permanent markers and an oven. It’s as easy as drawing your custom design and baking it in the oven. So whether or not you are a morning person, you can sip your perfect morning coffee in style. Easy steps here.

Balloon Yarn Balls:

Old DIY projects are the best! Hang these in your open glass windows, living room, or kitchen.
Wall art decor Pgeveryday

Sometimes the best part of DIY is getting the chance to get a little messy. And with these yarn balls, there’s a good chance our editor is going to leave a trail of corn starch and yarn in his wake. But for these gorgeous home additions, being easy to make, are worth it. For this project you inflate balloons are wrap your choice of yarn around the balloon. You then coat it with a mix of white glue, cornstarch and water and hang to dry. When they are dry, you pop the balloon and have perfect decor for any occasion. Learn how to make your own.

So now the decision is up to you! Which one of these fun DIY projects would you like to see our not-so-crafty editor take a crack at? If you have another DIY project you would like to see him try, post it in our comments or on our wall and those can be voted on too! And don’t forget to show us the projects you do to celebrate National DIY Day.

Cast your vote on our Facebook page and keep an eye out for the hilarious results to come.  

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