There are few things worse than a leaky roof. Even if you just have a tiny drip, the chances are good that the leak will become worse with time. All it takes is one good storm for that leak to rip open your roof and leave water flowing across your floor. While you can rely on a bucket to catch the water, it's better to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Before talking to roofing companies and getting quotes, take a look at some of the common causes of roof leaks and how to fix them! 

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." – Lyndon B. Johnson

Cracked Flashing

The roof of a home features flashing, which is a layer of thin sheets of metal that sit between the roof and the shingles. This is an important part of your roof because it prevents water and other types of moisture from getting beneath the shingles and into your home. 

When the tar attached to the flashing breaks down, it allows the water to get through. Wind and other weather conditions can also crack the flashing. 

Solution: You can remove the old shingles and install new flashing before putting the shingles back in place. Since this project involves getting on the roof and dealing with heavy materials, it’s recommended to call a pro to repair it, which usually takes less than a day.

Poor Sealing

Poor sealing might be the cause of your leaking roof. Contractors use it to form a barrier that protects the roof against water damage. If they did not install the sealing properly, it can crack and let water through. The sealing can also crack due to an object or tree branch falling on your roof or someone stepping on it. 

Solution: You typically want to hire roof contractors to fix the poor sealing on your roof. Not only can they install the new sealing, but they can ensure that it protects every part of the roof. Sealing problems are a common reason for leaky roofs in homes that feature at least one deep valley.

Broken Shingles

One of the main reasons why your roof leaks is that you have broken shingles. In addition to broken shingles, you might find that some are missing once you get up there for a closer look. 

Large gusts of wind can break and tear the shingles, especially if you have an older home or use asphalt shingles. If you stand in your yard or on the street, you might see some dull patches on the roof where the shingles are missing or broken. 

Solution: It's easy to do this type of roof leak repair on your own because you just need to pull off the old shingles and lay new ones. You can easily find shingles that match those already on your roof and roofing companies that can install them for you.

Ice Dams

Those who live in cool climates often experience roof leaks caused by ice dams. An ice dam is essentially a portion of ice that builds up and wears down the roof. If you often see icicles hanging off your home in winter, you likely have an ice dam. 

Ice dams prevent melting snow and ice from reaching the gutters and can put quite a bit of weight on the roof, which allows cracks and leaks to form. 

Solution: A roof rake is one of the best tools to fix this problem. It lets you stand in your yard and push the ice off the roof. The ice melts harmlessly in your yard.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are important to your home's roof system. Usually made from metal, the gutters wrap around each wall of the home and sit between the ceiling and roof. Anything that falls off the roof should land in the gutters, which will then carry the debris to the downspouts. The downspout then transfers the debris to your yard. 

Any type of clog in the gutter allows debris and water to build up, which can damage your roof. You should check your gutters and give them a thorough cleaning at least twice a year.

Too Much Weight

Another reason that your roof might leak is that you put too much weight on it. You might see no problem walking across the roof when you hang Christmas lights and holiday decorations or when your kids get their toys stuck up there. 

However, every time that you walk on the roof, you put weight on it that it cannot support. Not only do you risk breaking the sealing and shingles, but you risk cracking the supportive structure. 

You also risk putting too much weight on the roof when you install a skylight or other features. Always hire roof repair experts to handle any work on your roof.

Contact a local pro and request a free quote to do the roofing leak repair you need! 


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