Cats love to be treated like royalty - and who doesn’t, really?

As we all know, they can handle themselves remarkably well without any help from us, but despite their independence and the sometimes sarcastic vibe around them, cats are lovable and will not hesitate to make your day a little better with their adorable purring and mostly quiet company.

Or sometimes by sitting on top of the refrigerator, looking down on you.

Like they own the ENTIRE house.

Regardless, if you have a cat, you certainly have a litter box, and litter boxes can get messy. They need to be taken care of constantly for obvious smelly reasons, but there’s also the problem of it sometimes being out in the open, right in the middle of your home in an inconvenient spot.,

We’re here to talk about a less obvious solution to this problem

You can hide the litter box from sight, while leaving it accessible to your cat.

There are many ways to go about it, and it’s surprisingly easy to do!

Hide the litter box inside a cabinet

Hiding the litter box inside a cabinet is an awesome pet hack!
Hiding the litter box inside a cabinet is an awesome pet hack! Source: HGTV

One of the most elegant ways to conceal the litter box is hiding it inside a prefab cabinet with a quick carpentry hack.

Basically, it’s like this:

  • Get yourself a cheap prefab cabinet with enough room for the litter box and for your kitty to maneuver in. Having doors is even better!
  • Disassemble the side door so you can cut a hole in it - just big enough for kitty to go through.
  • Duct tape the edges of the hole for a better look and less of a rough finish.
  • Assemble the side door back into the cabinet.
  • Insert the litter box and cleaning tools inside, and you’re done!

The good people at DIY Network made an awesome tutorial explaining how to pull this one off.

IKEA Cabinet Hack

A simple IKEA hack for your kitty litter!
A simple IKEA hack for your kitty litter! Source: IKEA Hackers

We love a good IKEA hack and this one blends in perfectly with the rest of the furniture, while doubling as a kitty litter container.

The principle is the same as the previous idea - have an easily openable door, cut a hole so kitty can enter and exit at their leisure, and insert the litter box with cleaning tools. An easy and elegant solution!

Something smaller

There are smaller alternatives to hiding litter boxes.
There are smaller alternatives to hiding litter boxes. Source: Contemporist

If you just want a small corner that doesn’t take up a lot of room and still doubles as a litterbox concealer, a beautiful box cabinet like this one does the trick!

A quick search will show you options like:

But as we already know, DIYing something similar is also a possibility. For example:

A simple wine case upgrade makes for a great litter box concealer.
A simple wine case upgrade makes for a great litter box concealer. Source: Apartment Therapy

This DIY alternative consist solely of two wine cases over each other, with a custom hole big enough for your cat to walk in and out.

Add the plastic to keep litter from leaking and voilá, you’ve got yourself a custom (and discrete) kitty litter box!

And finally, here’s the simplest and still elegant kitty litter hack you’ll ever find:

A great cat litter hack for small apartments!
A great cat litter hack for small apartments. Source: Buzzfeed

Upgrade a simple end table you already have with a small curtain to conceal a litter box!

It’s simple, easy, cheap, and most importantly, discrete!

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