Right now there’s only one way to celebrate the coming of fall - by relating to and laughing at all the funny quotes, captions, and pictures we can find.

These should cheer you up and make you even more excited for the following season, which according to the internet, has already started. Just look at all the pumpkins.

This dog is the official face of fall

This dog is the official face of Fall from now on.
This dog is the official face of fall from now on. Source: Smosh

The perfect visual summary of everyone who fell in love with fall…

No pun intended.

Oh, speaking of puns…


Puns are a life style.
Puns are a lifestyle. Source: We Heart It

For some weird reason - a mixture of coincidence, evolution, and intention - fall seems to be the best season to make puns with. There’s just so many possibilities and they’re all so corny.

See? I didn’t even try for that one.

It’s like snow but very different

This is what snow looks like during Fall.
This is what snow looks like during fall. Source: Bustle

Snow is to winter what dry leaves are to fall…

And the way you feel about either is entirely subjective.


The actual origin of the word
The actual origin of fall. Source: Quotes Words

The word fall certainly has its charm, it just sounds right - no wonder “Fall Harvest” is one of the most beautiful word combinations ever.

But oh boy, do we wish this name origin was actually true.

The struggle is real

Which are you?
Which are you? Source: blackishathena.com

I suppose when you’re on the internet you have to be a little bit of each. You know, to blend in.

Obligatory pumpkin spice reference

Of course we had to mention pumpkin spice.
Pumpkin spice has taken over as the official flavor of fall. Source: Devastate Boredom

Pumpkin spice has become a staple of the fall season, so much so that like anything that becomes a staple, it has also become a meme.

Because all good things do.

Obligatory pumpkin spice reference number 2

The real first day of Fall.
The real first day of fall. Source: Someecards

And Starbucks. Don’t forget about Starbucks.

FYI, the first day of fall in 2017 is September 22nd.

But it can also be measured by other scientifically proven techniques like:

  • Summer is over after Labor Day and the days in between are a countdown to fall.
  • Fall officially starts when you see the first Instagram picture of dry leaves on your feed.
  • Fall officially starts when you see the first pumpkin.
  • Basically, it’s all very subjective.

Fall weather in a nutshell

Fall weather in a nutshell!
Fall weather in a nutshell! Source: Instagram

Fall is that perfect little moment during the year where the weather is just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, and oh so incredibly comfy and lovable. You can drink hot beverages to get warm, stay home, go out, whatever.

And everyone - I mean everyone - has the perfect body to wear sweaters.


An accurate depiction of everyone who loves Fall.
Fall is definitely the best season. Source: Buzzfeed

That moment when your favorite season of all time is finally out. Just a couple more weeks and it’s finally here!

Oh, fall, don’t let us down…

I’m sorry, it had to end with a pun.


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