Power outlets, strips, and cords are necessary features in homes, but can sometimes prove to be unsightly. Or, more importantly, if you’re expecting a new addition to the family, you’ll want to cover up the sockets to make the house safe for little children. In either case, there are some creative solutions you can use. So here are some effective tips on how to conceal power outlets.

”My favorite thing about decorating is mixing different periods and styles. If you have something that's old, and you really do want to mix those styles, then you have to add something that's obviously modern with it. You can't put a kind of a mediocre thing in the middle.” - Nate Berkus


Here's how to baby-proof your power outlets
The safest way to protect your child. Source: Amazon

First and foremost let’s delve into the safety issues of concealing your electrical outlets. Homes built after 2015 will come with tamper-proof outlets that have spring loaded shutters over the electrical gaps. If anything other than a male plug is inserted, the unit won’t allow the object to pass. Both sides of the outlet need to be pushed at the same time in order for the shutters to open. Other ideas on baby proofing include the following:

  • Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover
  • “Safety First” power strip
  • Self-closing outlet covers
  • Plastic plug covers
  • Outlet boxes
  • Designated play areas
  • Faux baseboards

Tie Up Loose Cords

Keep everything tidy and organized
Use command hooks to keep the wires neat. Source: Heartwork.org

What’s more unsightly than cables and cords strewn about your home? Wires rarely look good just haphazardly placed around your home. Wrap those things up not just for organization’s sake, but also for safety concerns as well. You don’t want anyone to trip, or a toddler to play with something attached to the TV. Here are some ways to conceal power cords creatively:

  • Duct tape
  • Command hooks
  • Jute rope
  • Hollowed out baseboards
  • Staple gun ideas
  • TechFlex sleeving
  • Wicker baskets can hold wires and components
  • Toilet paper rolls for organization
  • Shoeboxes cut to fit
  • Braided yard

Under-Cabinet Mounting

Under cabinet lighting can solve a few issues
Track lighting under the cabinet. Source: HGTV

This is mainly for use in kitchens, as that’s the easiest room to retrofit with under-cabinet mounts. This will save you a great deal of counter space, as the kitchen is chock full of appliances. It will also keep everything more organized, and in turn, safer. It’s best not to leave a wire hanging around when the burner is on. One of the best methods on how to conceal power outlets is to simply rearrange the way your outlets distribute power. Under-cabinet mounting is the best way to do just that.

DIY Approach

Adorable options are available
Being a responsible homeowner can be fun sometimes. Source: VKmag

Then there’s the creative approach. Enthusiastic DIYers can find incredibly new and inventive ways to hide outlets and wires. Creative ways to conceal power outlets include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Little wooden doors
  • Drawing images over the outlet
  • Lego outlets
  • Custom designs
  • Creative wallpapering
  • An authentication power outlet
  • Holding devices on the outlet
  • Robot images

Computer Wires

Here's another great organization tip
A great way to stay organized in the computer room. Source: Chaos Ordered

Then there’s the computer. Few objects in your home require the amount of cables, wires, and power as the computer. So with that being said, it’s worth the time and energy to conceal power cords and wires that your tower requires. This can usually be done through the use of conveniently placed hooks and by threading the cables as needed. You can actually come up with some pretty cool designs, regardless of where the computer is actually located in the room.

Conveniently Placed Outlets

In the closest some of us ever get to having a secret room or being a secret agent, hideaway compartments and drawers that open up to an outlet space aren’t just convenient, they’re also really cool. This is certainly one of the most fashionable methods on how to conceal power outlets.

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