DIY interior electrical work that can brighten up your home
Electrical outlets are everywhere, but usually as plain as this one. Via Brio.
Electricity is really just organized lightning. -George Carlin

When we say ‘outlet cover’, your mind probably doesn’t jump to anything all that exciting. “Outlet covers?” you might be thinking, “those clear plastic plugs? Or the outline around the plugs? Who cares?” But you might be surprised by how creative and decorative outlet covers are! Far more interesting than plain, plastic plug-ins, there are a ton of creative ways to incorporate decorative outlet covers into your home, whatever your reasons for using them are. Plus, you don’t have to be an electrician or an interior designer to enjoy this DIY upgrade! From the living room to the nursery, you probably have at least one outlet out of the tens of outlets in your home that you might think about decorating; if you’re looking for inspiration, check out these examples of outlet covers we love.

Why Cover the Outlets?

Interior electrical tips: Baby-proofed outlet
Baby-proofing is important when it comes to electrical outlets, but it's not the only reason to cover them! Via Toys R Us.

So why use outlet covers?

  • To keep young kids safe.
  • To cover unused outlets.
  • Because you’d like your outlets to match your decor.
  • To incorporate the design of outlet covers you like into your decor.
  • Because you want to.

Best Outlet Cover Designs

Sliding Door Outlet Cover

Wooden electrical sliding door panel
This sliding door electrical outlet cover would be right at home in zen-inspired interior decor. Via youtube.

For a decorative way to hide your outlets from view, why not install a small, zen-like sliding door cover? The decorative box will keep the outlet out of sight while adding visual interest to any wall. This design pairs well with Zen interior design but can be incorporated in any room that needs a little more style without a lot of room. Plus, the sliding door is an easy DIY project that you can customize to fit your needs.

Funny Face Outlet Cover

DIY electric decor: Funny face outlet covers
You won't be able to resist a smile when using any of these outlets! Via This is Why I'm Broke.

Whether you buy a sticker for your outlet or design it yourself, the holes of the outlet create easy images of faces (both human and animal) that, with a few additional lines and colors, can transform any room into a fun space. The animal designs go well in a nursery, but make sure you also take all safety precautions when younger kids are likely to be crawling near the outlets. You can use the same designs for multiple outlets or spice it up with a different animal in every outlet!

Fairy Door Outlet Cover

DIY electrical covers: Tiny fairy doors
You won't be able to resist a smile when using any of these outlets! Via This is Why I'm Broke.

​Perfect for exciting a sense of wonder in kids and guests alike, fairy doors can create a miniature fairy home while also hiding your outlet! You can either build your own or buy premade designs, complete with hinges and a tiny door handle. Consider using some stick-on letters or even paint to create a sign above the door, if you like. Small outlet ‘doors’ can be mouse doors instead if you’re not partial to fairies.

Band Aid Outlet Plugs

Band aid electrical outlet covers
Better than standard band aids! No sticky residue and reusable from one room to the next. Via Oddity Mall.

If baby-proofing is the main motivation for covering the outlets, you might be tempted to use duct tape or stick band aids over the holes. But the stickiness can get, well, stuck on the outlet plate long after you remove the cover, and plain plastic covers are boring - why not use something a little more decorative? This permanent, plastic take on band aid outlet plugs are cute enough to use in a nursery and will keep your kids safe and sound.

Decorative Outlet Plates

DIY painting your electrical outlet cover
These outlet covers are beautiful, easy, and totally customizable for your space! Via DIY Network.

Easy to install and with plenty of different designs, outlet plates can be covered with stickers that create the image you want without you having to design or build anything yourself. Look for options that match the theme you’re going for in the room, and think about finding electrical outlet/light switch plate matching sets.

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