There are always new, innovative leaps being made in the world of technology and at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the newest, most exciting inventions of 2016 were shown to the world. While there were 3,600 presenters at this year’s CES, we’ve rounded up five of the coolest home gadgets you’ll want in your home.

LG Twin Washing Machine


LG has always been a major player in the appliance industry and recently has earned a reputation for its futuristic designs and innovations. It’s no surprise then, that the LG Twin washing machine is no different. With this washing machine, you can wash two loads of laundry at once. Your biggest load will go into the main washer drum while your delicates or a smaller load will go into the bottom drum that pulls out like a drawer.



Mother is a robotic sensor that is shaped like a peanut and has a slightly creepy face. It monitors you and your family to make sure you’re brushing your teeth enough, drinking enough, and sleeping enough. Mother comes with remote sensors that you put on whatever you want monitored. If you want Mother to be a door alarm, put a sensor on your door. To track your sleep habits, simply put a sensor under your pillow. You could even put a sensor on your pill box to track your medication intake.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung has been trying to make smart refrigerators popular for a few years now, and this year’s Family Hub seems to be the way to go. With a huge 21.5-inch HD LCD touchscreen on the front and customizable widgets, the Family Hub is designed to help keep your family organized, happy, and healthy. You can sync the calendar app with your calendars as well as decide which important dates show up on your fridge. You can also have the Family Hub show photos from your phone so you can make your fridge personal without the use of magnets. The screen also has proximity sensors, meaning it will turn off when you leave the room and turn back on when you enter again.

Brinks Array Solar Powered Deadbolt

Brinks, the well-known and respected home security company, has finally come out with their first smart lock called the Brinks Array. The main difference between the Brinks Array and other smart locks is the solar panel that gets energy from any light source, including your porch lamp. The Brinks Array also connects to your phone via wifi rather than bluetooth. With the Brinks Array, you can see who unlocked the door and when and issue electronic keys that only work within a set time frame. Under the solar panel is a keypad, so you can unlock your door with a pin or a physical key as well.


Grobo is basically a smart grower for fresh plants and vegetables in your home. It is fully automated, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your plants. You can connect up to six different pods containing different herbs, salad greens, and vegetables and grow them right on your countertop.

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