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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Restroom Trailer in Wilton?

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What portable toilets do you need?

Portable restrooms have earned a bad reputation in the past years. When people think of a portable restroom, the stinky smell and non-sanitized interior immediately comes to mind. However, many portable restroom providers are trying to change this image. Restroom trailers in Wilton are the best example of this effort. Wilton restroom trailers provide all the amenities and features that usually come with an indoor, permanent restroom. They offer a lot of sanitary benefits that will be greatly appreciated by many people. If you are planning to hold an outdoor event and you are worried about renting a regular portable toilet, why not go instead with a trailer restroom in Wilton? This kind of toilet can be rented together with an on-duty attendant. This attendant will make sure that each cabin in the trailer will get the cleaning attention that it needs. It also has hot and cold water for washing hands that a portable toilet doesn’t have. Restroom trailers are equipped with flushing toilets that will ensure the sanitation of the restroom. All these benefits only lead to one thing, and that is to provide a clean and sanitized toilet experience to you and your guests.

Fair price breakdown

Restroom trailers in Wilton are available for rent to whomever needs one. However, they differ when it comes to the price. The rental cost is usually determined by the number and style of units ordered. The total cost of a rental can also be affected by the length of lease and the schedule of when it will be rented. Take note that the rental fees for restroom trailers in Wilton are slightly higher during weekends and holidays and for shorter rental durations. A restroom trailer that has many toilets can cost around $1,000 to $5,000 per weekend. The cost may still vary depending on the size of the trailer. Restroom trailers are commonly used in weddings and high-end events where you may want to make your guests feel like they are using a permanent restroom rather than just a stall.

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The rental cost of restroom trailers in Wilton covers sanitized toilets and handwashing stations. Some may even have separate facilities for men and women. A restroom trailer that has AC, lighted vanities, hot and cold water sinks and flushing toilets can cost higher than a regular restroom trailer that only has a flushing toilet and doesn’t have AC or vanity lights. The rental cost will also include the supply of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, and deodorizer plus the maintenance.

Fairfield County Restroom Trailers FAQ

You should book as far in advance as you can. Some people even book months before their scheduled events. If your event will be during vacation, holiday or summer months, it is advisable that you book your rental as early as you can. These are considered to be peak season for events, festivals and other activities that require portable toilet rentals. If you are going to rent during off-season months, you can make your booking at least one week before your event.

Most companies will need to have proper access to the place where you want the restroom trailer to be set. The ground should be leveled as much as possible. Make sure that you check the dimension of the restroom trailer to ensure that it will fit its location at your event. If you are not sure, you may ask the rental company to send someone to check the site. Make sure that the site of the restroom trailer will have access to electricity and water supply.

Yes. But be advised that the rental fee may cost more for a short-term rental.

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2021