In the year ahead homeowners all across the country are projected to be investing more in their home’s security system and along with that greater investment comes a greater demand for home security systems that are dependable, innovative, and accessible at the touch of a button. Fortunately, 2015 is set to be a year of major advancements in the world of home security systems so that no matter what stylistic, financial, spacial, or technological limitations may arise, there’s sure to be home security technology on the market that excites and delights in the months to come. Many of the innovations are being kept very close to the proprietary companies manufacturing them but some of the leading trends of home security in 2015 that you can expect include:

Sci-Fi Quality Video Technology

We may not have gotten that jetpack we were all promised (yet) but this year’s advancements in the world of home security offer some advantages which are proving to be nearly as exciting! This year more leading security companies than ever are focusing on their video recording components both in terms of quantity and quality options. In fact, homeowners interested in the cutting edge of home security in 2015 can expect to see everything from full HD quality video recording and live streaming cameras to virtually undetectable cameras and some which even utilize constantly adapting facial recognition software to update you whenever unrecognized individuals are in your home.

On-Demand Peace of Mind

Technology in the past decade has been veering decidedly in the direction of convenience and connectivity. Everyday people take calls on smartphones while driving smart cars on their way to always evolving technological jobs because it always for a greater level of insight, productivity, and assurance than ever before. It only makes sense that when it comes to protecting something as invaluable as a home and a family people would want the same level of control and connection. That’s why the past few years have seen more and more focus on integrating smartphones into home security systems. More than ever before, homeowners can gain complete and total peace of mind through a number of popular apps which allow direct connection, viewing, notification, and even control of modern security systems. All these options make it possible for the security of your property and your family to be completely assured more than was ever possible before.

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