Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower. -Albert Camus
Autumn will be here before we know it!
It might still be hot out now, but autumn weather and beautiful leaves will be here before we know it! Via Karin Andrews Real Estate.

As the kids make their way back to school, you’ll need to start doing things like putting away their summer toys and cleaning the pool for cooler temperatures. We know that in the midst of changing schedules and autumn maintenance, it can seem overwhelming to think about updating your home decor to reflect the changing seasons. But without making changes, your decor can quickly become outdated and make your living space feel tired and dusty. Instead of trying to update all at once, there are ways to incorporate subtle fall decor that doesn’t take too much time, won’t break the bank, and leaves remnants of summer decor while high temperatures stick around a little longer. Check out these tips for both the interior and exterior of your home, and get ready to welcome fall with open arms and gorgeous decor.

Interior Fall Decor


White cabinets are the perfect backdrop for fall decor.
These off-white cabinets create the perfect setting for fall accents, like the pumpkins and fall chalkboard, which can be switched out easily for other seasons. Via Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss.

While summer boasts lush greens and vibrant floral displays, autumn is known for beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows as the leaves begin to change. But before you rush to buy all of the orange candles you can find, settle in the in-between season by incorporating pieces in soft, welcoming whites. From using white frames for family photos to incorporating cream-colored cabinets in your kitchen remodel, soft whites are a great foundation color that allow you to incorporate whatever accent colors you’d like, from sunflower yellow while summer’s on its way out to the reds and golds of autumn leaves. Plus, off-white is trending this year and will match your decor for months.


This crocheted afghan's autumn colors are perfect for snuggling up!
The autumn colors in this afghan are the perfect accent to signal the move toward cooler temperatures, coming soon! Via Etsy.

Along with updating your colors, an easy way to transition from summer to fall is through incorporating texture in your interior decorating. You can add a warm blanket to the end of a bedspread or over the arm of a chair to signal cooler temperatures about to arrive, or switch out light, cotton curtains, rugs, and throw pillows for lush, heavier materials like velvet or knits. Gradually make changes when the time comes, only switching out what the season calls for.


Each of these mantelpieces can be assembled piece-by-piece as the leaves change.
Each of these three mantelpieces are not only perfect for fall, but can be designed and put together gradually as the season gradually changes, too. Via Country Living.

The mantel is the perfect place to start putting away some summer decor and using more fall decor, especially if you’re expecting to use the fireplace beneath it. For cheaper options that you won’t have to store for months afterwards, think about using natural materials (we love these white pumpkins!) that you can compost afterwards. Seasonal flowers always work, and fall messages to remember to be grateful are wonderful reminders any time of year.

Exterior Fall Decor

Front Porch Displays

Fall doormats are easy ways to dress up any porch.
Fall-themed doormats, like this one, are easy ways to dress up any front door as soon as the leaves start to change! Via In My Interior.

It’s natural for your front porch to need a bit of general maintenance after the summer months, but you can also use this time to start displaying some fall decor before Halloween decorations take over. Along with adding a DIY wreath (listed below) to the front door, we love the idea of giving your porch a makeover before fall pictures and parties. New, colorful paint on the door or railing, an autumn-themed doormat, and updated lighting can be easy ‘quick fixes’ that’ll prepare your home for the shorter days of fall.


This welcome wreath is perfect year-round - just switch out the leaves for holly, for instance.
The welcome wreath is a little non-traditional but can be adjusted for any season of the year - just switch out the leaves for holly in the winter, for instance, and use whatever saying you'd like! Via Nous Decor.

Not just for the winter holidays, a well-designed wreath can help your exterior decor bridge the gap between summer and fall. Here are some of our favorite DIY autumn wreaths; choose one or switch between a few as the season goes on!

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