The time for comforting fall scents has come, and with it many different DIY ideas to improve your health and make your house smell amazing at the same time. These scents are easy to prepare and use natural ingredients, so getting into the holiday mood will be extra luscious!

Simmer Pot

Simmer fall foods to create the perfect seasonal aroma
Seasonal aroma Homedit

A tradition passed from generation to generation. The great thing about simmer pots is freedom to experiment and create the perfect scent for you. Fill a small saucepan with water, add the spices you want and boil for a few minutes, then turn the heat down and let it simmer for a while, adding more water every 30 minutes, if needed. Most common recipes include a combination of a couple or more of cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange peels, cloves, vanilla extract, bay leaves, anise, lavender, rosemary and nutmeg.


Baking goods fills the home with warm delight
Bake bread Homedit

The most enjoyable way to create an inviting scent. Bake pumpkin bread, apples, apple pie, pumpkin pie, or simply brew some coffee for the afternoon. The smell from freshly baked goods will turn the whole house into fall heaven, and you’ll still get to eat it.

Cinnamon Wrapped Candles

Wrap your candles in cinnamon for a bonus treat
Delicious scents Skinowl Blog

A classic spice in holiday cookies and hot cocoa cups, cinnamon has many health benefits. According to studies, it helps lowering blood sugar in people with Type 2 diabetes. The aroma also helps boosting brain function. According to a University study, those given this sweet spice had better visual-motor response, working memory and attention span. Wrap cinnamon stick around a candle with twine for a rustic decor.

Potpourri and Mix Jar

Jar 'o' spices can really liven up the home interior
Jar 'o Spices says Hello Natural

Choose the ingredients you want and put it all in a jar, sprinkle some essential oils and you’re all set! Open every time you want new scents in the air.

DIY decor that also smells terrific
Pine cone garland Craft Hubs

Scents are unforgettable. Perhaps a particular one, like roses or pancakes make you instantly remember Sunday mornings at your grandmother’s house. Or a specific perfume reminds you of a loved one. Olfactive memories are pretty powerful. So, make your house smell great and build fun and happy memories with your guests and family! Enjoy the comfort of a fresh, fall home!

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