After a spooky Halloween, it’s time to get warm and cozy for the holidays. Set up a beautiful fall scene and decor that will last from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s all about finding something to make your house unique, have your guests feel welcome, and keep the party spirit alive for a wonderful Holiday Season.

Starts at the Front Door

Front door wreath for seasonal joy
Front Door Wreath Jsonline

Decorating your door with a wreath makes it instantly more inviting. It sets up the mood as homey and welcoming even before opening the door. Make your own with materials you encounter on a walk through the woods or down the street, or buy some at a local farm store. Put the wreath together with hot glue and finish with acrylic matte spray to make it last longer and endure the weather.

Fall front door decor
Front door decor Pinterest

Many craft and art stores carry pumpkin-shaped wooden cut outs and letters. Paint them in the colors and patterns you want, or even with chalkboard paint. It’s a simple way of creating a welcome home sign that brings life and color to your door.


Pumpkin glass displays
Pumpkin display Pinterest

Nothing says Fall more than pumpkins. When we see them, we know exactly which season we are in. They’re also incredibly easy to decorate with. Just placing them in a glass jar already looks festive. It’s important to prep the pumpkins carefully, though. Wash them in a solution of water and bleach (1 tablespoon for every quart of water). A finishing spray can be used too. Preserving them after cut can be done spreading vaseline on the inside and cut areas, or the same solution of bleach and water. Your pumpkin will look brighter and last longer, especially if you live on a cooler climate.

Beautiful custom designed pumpkins
Ornate pumpkin design HGTV

For more adventurous DIYers, drawing and painting pumpkins can be quite fun. By painting your own pumpkins, you’ll be certain that you’ll have a special decor that nobody else will. Going black and white is always classy, but keeping a few pumpkins in their natural color brings back the warmth and simplicity of this seasonal staple.

Dining room table decor for the season
Dining room decor The Loved Home Blog
A giant white pumpkin says fall decor
White pumpkin Setting For Four

An all-white pumpkin is definitely a pumpkin decoration that will last throughout the Holidays. It’s chic and matches any other decoration you might have. Matching the snow, this white pumpkin with crystal beads looks very angel-like and easy to make. Simply paint the pumpkin with a couple coats of paint and adhere beads or gems with a hot glue gun. For a one-of-a-kind touch, ask your guests to write a message on it with sharpies.

Golden pumpkins make for golden opportunities
Golden decor The Tidy Corner

For that million dollar look without spending a lot, spray paint pumpkins with a gold color and dab gold paint on pine cones. It’s super easy and looks classy as table decoration.


Golden leaf decor makes the dining room feel that much classier
Golden leaves This is Our Bliss

Leaves are a classic symbol of the season and are present pretty much everywhere you go. Save a lot of money by collecting leaves you find on the street and transforming them into decor. Use them in their natural color or spray them with a metallic paint. Writing a guest’s name on the leaf and placing it on their plate can be a cute way of marking the seats.


With nylon strings or fishing wire, tie leaves together and hang them from the light fixture over your dining room table. You can also use leaves as decorations in other areas of your home such as hanging them from your curtains, glueing them around picture frames, or creating a leaf garland to hang over your doors.


Everything can be golden! Make some golden antlers out of twigs and spray paint
DIY antlers Paper and Lace

Another way of incorporating nature to your house. Get fallen twigs on parks and roads and create gorgeous centerpieces or vase fillers. That’s the best thing about fall - how nature suddenly becomes much easier to bring into your home and how its beauty becomes simpler.

Animal Inspiration

Traditional animal decor for the living room
Coffee table decor Carla Aston

Amidst the traditional animals for the holiday season, reindeer are one of the most used. In case it’s hard to find the colors you want, buy plastic toys and paint them to be uniform.


Pine cone decor can really lighten up the holidays
Pine cones and sticks Celebrate-creativity

The warmest way to add light in your table. Dress up simple candles with cinnamon sticks, or in a vase with candy corn, grains, or even coffee beans. Let your imagination free.

Candles as seasonal decor
Seasonal candles HGTV


Beautiful custom LED lights that remind us of the season
LED lights AliExpress

Add some magic and spark with small LED fairy lights or holiday theme shaped lights, like pine cones and snowflakes. For a bolder touch, metal word letters with small light bulbs, diner style, makes any decor more incredible and memorable.

Joy to the world: lighing decor to brighten up the holidays
A bright joy HGTV

Pine Cones

Pine cone decorations to hang anywhere
DIY pine cone decor Craft Hubs

Pine cones are versatile and can be used in a number of crafts, but you can also display them naturally as they will make your living room and kitchen look ready for the holidays. Transforming them with gold paint on the edges or by submerging the whole pine cone in color will make an amazing centerpiece.

Paint some pine cones gold to create instant natural decor
Golden pine cones Jackietara

Dinner Settings

All it takes is a little idea and the right presentation
Tiny pear plate HGTV

One of the most important parts of a holiday dinner is the place settings. Go simple or go bold, they can be equally nice and creative. With bright colors and the single pear placed on the plate, show how easy the preparations can be, without ever sacrificing style.

Dining room table decor: golden pumpkins
Plate setting Martha Stewart

Napkins and Cutlery

Place mat setting with fall decor
Fall setting Punch Bowl

A bright napkin, pumpkin or gourd, and the classic fall leaf. They make the perfect combination for a dinner setting that will make you feel you’re having a picnic at the park.

Nice napkin placers with a rustic feel
Neat napkin holders Pinterest

Cinnamon sticks have that delicious holiday scent, and an otherwise simple rolled napkin gets extra special with the natural decor. It’s all about figuring out your style and being creative with what you have.

Outdoor Party

Great table placement with a Fall vibe
Beautiful bounty The Daily Meal

Whether you are blessed with warmer weather or want to brave the chilly fall air, an outdoor Thanksgiving will surely be remembered. Sit under the trees, with the blue sky overhead, and later the stars, together with a perfect glass of wine. Since it can get a bit cold, fill some baskets with cozy throws, scarves and even blankets. That way, everybody will be warm and enjoying the outdoors feeling as comfortable as they would be on the couch.

Hang up a garland sign for this season
Thanks for reading this article! Etsy

Looking after where you live, decorating, investing time and care on details like this can seem simple and small. But the holiday season brings families together and reminds people about the beautiful things in life, like having the ones you love feel welcome in your house and create amazing memories together. In time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, change your home to become the place you’ve always wanted to be. It’s a time for caring after family, and caring for your house is making sure they have a place where you and they can call home.

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