Through all the interior design trends which have come and gone in the last decade or so there’s been one consistent development in every style of home, in every room, and in every corner of the country: spaces should be defined by the needs and personality of those in them! This philosophy has been embraced by homeowners and interior designers alike in recent years and so an influx of redefining remodels have grown in popularity everywhere from the attic to the basement and from the kitchen to the bathroom! That said, the living space which has most noticeably changed with this shift in definition is probably the dining room. Once a formal, entirely purpose-driven room, new dining room remodeling trends lean decidedly toward an array of styles, layouts, and features, each one perfect for the homeowner they’re created for.

Inspire a Flow of Activity

Many homeowners are looking to break from the traditional purpose of rooms by merging the lines between individual living spaces. These gorgeous dining rooms featured above integrate the style, decorations, and feeling of other living spaces into the dining room and allow a natural flow of activity to develop.

Feed All the Senses

Symmetry is the most appealing thing your eye can focus on which is why so many interior designs are focused on creating a highly symmetrical view of a room as soon as it’s entered. However, too much of this symmetry in your dining room will leave the space with an unfocused, aimless tone so throwing in small splashes of unexpected color or asymmetry is a quick way to create a focal point without interrupting the tone of the room as a whole.

Think Vertically for Surprising Beauty

For most homeowners the image that comes to mind when dining rooms are brought up is a long table lined in matching chairs which is why so many homeowners tend to neglect vertical designs when it comes to dining room remodeling! Give your home’s newly remodeling dining room a stylish edge by incorporating heightening features like pendant lights, ceiling detailing, and tall accent pieces.

Every Action...

As with just about every trend, the movement of many homeowners toward a newly defined dining room in 2015 is causing some homeowners to specifically tailor their new dining area with a focus on traditional and vintage styles! This counter argument to a fresh take on dining rooms can just as easily result in a gorgeous new remodel, especially if the classic tone it inspires can be traced elsewhere in the home!

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