Fall is a time for picking leaves and creating decor from them. DIY crafts with real leaves can decorate the house and become furnishings for your exterior. There’s no wrong way to create crafts with leaves this fall.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus

Leaf Magnet

And easy DIY project where all you need is laminate and magnets
Here's an easy one. Source: Filth Wizardry

This project is easy and gives your refrigerator a new fall look. Magnets create great leaf crafts for adults and kids. Simply find a leaf that you like from outside, laminate it, and then hot glue a magnet on the back. It’s a simple DIY project that will last a lifetime.

DIY Leaf Mobile

This is an interesting mobile that you can make for free!
You can make your own way! Source: Happiness is Homemade

Here’s a great project for those with infants, or who just want a little extra something for the parlor wall. String up some leaves onto a branch, sturdy twig, or two sticks to create a mobile like this one from Happiness Is Homemade. Set the leaves to be layered by adjusting the length of the string for each leaf. Who knew the ability to craft with leaves and sticks could be so easy?

How to Make Leaf Art

You will need:

  1. Leaves
  2. String
  3. A branch
  4. Free time

Autumn Wreath

A self made fall wreath for your home's front door
A totally organic home decor wreath! Source: The Squirrel Jar

Here’s a great decoration that any porch would love to have. This DIY project is a little more complicated than the other projects we’ve mentioned, but still easy to pull off. Leaf decoration ideas can make a huge difference. Just follow these steps.

  1. Cut out some cardboard in the shape of a wreath
  2. Gather some leaves
  3. Hot glue the leaves around the circle until it resembles a wreath
  4. Hang the wreath on your door

Leaf Mask

A mask can be made from leaves for minimal cost and effort
Here's a unique take on leaf decor. Source: Small and Friendly

Here’s a great leaf project for school kids. And it works perfectly for any renaissance fair. You too can be a fairy leaf prince or princess with this simple mask. It also doubles for adults who are going to a fall ball.

Leaf Masquerade

Sometimes simple costumes are the best. Alternatively, masks allow you to dress up while still remaining in costume. The leaf mask is the perfect attire for fall parties. Modify yours with a stick so you can simply hold it up to your face.

A Giant Leaf Made Out of Leaves

Here's another interesting take on leaf decor.
Sometimes the weirder decor stands out the most. Source: Icreativeideas

This fun decor project is perfect for people who like to get meta. As far as crafts with real leaves go, this one may take the greatest amount of leaves to complete. The leaf leaf looks great on walls or in hallways. Perhaps even right above a table.

Leaf Covered Pumpkins

DIY projects can be enjoyed by anyone in the family
Here are some prime examples of how to continue using pumpkins all throughout the fall. Source: HGTV

Here is the DIY craft that perfectly embodies the fall season. When it comes to leaf crafts for adults, white pumpkins tend to allow for the individual colors to stand out more. Additionally, you can hot glue twigs or tree clippings for more design options. Otherwise if none of these ideas strike your fancy, consider one of the following arts and crafts projects:

  • Leaf stamps
  • Leaf outline projects
  • Leaf plaster prints
  • Fall leaf candle
  • Leaf banner
  • Garland of leaves
  • Painting with leaves
  • Framed pressed leaves

Any fall leaf decorating tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more great tips and inspiration!

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