There are many ways you can make a change in your room and create something truly special. You can go with a gallery wall above the bed, a unique DIY headboard, or even simply add a couple of plants around. It all depends on the style you want for your room.


If you’re feeling more like creating a blend of modern and rustic, then faux wood paneling will be perfect for you. And guess what? It’s super easy to DIY at home! Check out below four easy steps to get it done.

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Gather Materials & Supplies

Faux wood paneling adds a blend of modern and rustic to your room!
Faux wood paneling adds a blend of modern and rustic to your room! Image source: Bored Art

Like any DIY project you’re going to make, you will need to start off by getting all the materials needed. To build the wood accent wall, it’ll be necessary to have:

  • A clean cloth
  • Peel-off faux-wood planks
  • A laser level
  • An utility knife
  • A pencil


Get the walls clean and start apllying the panels!
Get the walls clean and start applying the panels! Image source: Bazaar

Start by getting the wall (or walls) ready for plank application. For that, you need to remove any obstructions such as nails or switch plates, and then finish this part by wiping down the wall to remove the dust.

After that,

You need to measure the wall and plan the best way to start applying your planks. You can lay them out and see how they’ll fit.

Tip: I know it might seem like a good idea using shorter pieces on either side of the wall, but please avoid that at any cost because it’ll really just make the process harder.

How to Install the Pieces

This is a decision that will make your bedroom look amazing.
This is a decision that will make your bedroom look amazing! Image source: just decorate!

The ideal way to do this is by starting at the baseboards. If you got peel-off planks, you’ll carefully peel off each piece and also carefully adhere them to the wall - working your way up until you reach the ceiling. Do you know how to use a laser level already? This is where it comes in to make sure all the planks are level!

Remember: use the pencil to mark any part that will need trimming, and then use the utility knife to make those cuts.

Final Details

The results of peel-off faux wood are amazing!
The results of peel-off faux wood are amazing! Image source: Momtastic

Last of all, you need to guarantee smooth edges by trimming the pieces - also using the utility knife here. Just be sure to always check the instructions package! That’s because the paneling you bought might not be good to cut with utility knives. Some manufacturers will suggest different tools to cut their planks and you should always follow the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Are you feeling ready to make your DIY accent wall? Get a free quote from professionals that can give you a hand!

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