DIY pink and white cutout hearts for mom
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Let’s face it - moms are the real-life superheroes of our world, and like superheroes, they never get to take a day off. In fact, what most moms really want is more free time to relax, since they spend all of their time working (while being paid or not). Even though you can’t give mom free time per se, you can take the time to give her all the tools and accessories she could possibly need to relax, whether they’re more traditional gifts or DIY versions of Mother's Day treats. So start thinking about what your mom needs/wants/could use most and don’t wait until the last minute! Well-thought-out gifts go far to accomplishing the most important part of Mother’s Day: showing mom how much you appreciate her.

Gifts for Moms: In the Bathroom

DIY: Bath Soaks

Indoor spa treatments for mom's bathroom
Fruit bath soaks Mango & Passion Fruit

While you might not be able to afford sending mom to a spa for the day, you can help her achieve spa-like treatment right in her very own bathroom by making DIY soaks, like this Lavendar Milk Bath or this Passion Tea Sugar Scrub. Mom will love relaxing in the tub while someone else (cough) makes dinner for the family.

Buy: Upgraded Furnishings

Interior bathroom vanity that can really make a statement
Bathroom vanity Wayfair

To add to the spa-like feeling of the bathroom, consider a new bathroom vanity or a luxury new showerhead, like the AKDY 2.5 GPM Rainfall Showerhead. Whether part of a larger bathroom remodel or just a simple upgrade, mom is sure to love them!

Gifts for Moms: In the Kitchen

DIY: Cabinet Love

Custom kitchen countertops cabinets with a dining room table
Kitchen cabinets Bedroom Design & Furniture Catalogue

No matter how skillful you believe you are in the kitchen remodeling department, there are tons of ways to give the kitchen cabinets a little love that will help make mom’s life easier. If you’re more experienced, we suggest cabinet refacing: it’s a project that will leave the kitchen looking brighter and more inviting, and mom can choose the design. Not so experienced? Stick to cleaning and reorganizing the cabinets (with mom’s ‘okay’, of course!).

Buy: Coffee Appliance

Kitchen coffee: the hero everyone needs and deserves
Kitchen coffee Wayfair

One of the few things that keeps moms going day-in and day-out is a nice, hot cup of coffee, and where better to get that than her very own kitchen? From less expensive options like the Grind & Brew 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Maker by Cuisinart to fancier espresso machines like the Pixie Espresso Maker by Nespresso, there are options for any type of coffee-lover you’re buying for. Bonus points for offering to make the first cup!

Gifts for Moms: For the Bar

DIY: Infused Liqueurs

Infused liquors perfect for any kitchen or dining room bar
Infused spirits with Raise Your Spirits

Every mom needs a little downtime, and a drink made with a handmade infused liqueur might just put her in the right mood to relax. Not to mention the delicious drinks you can make with infused liqueurs, along with the totally customizable recipes for infusion! A recipe like this Hibiscus and Herb Liqueur would make a great base for a spritzer with your mother’s day brunch.

Buy: Barcart

What every mom wants: a barcart for the kitchen
Kitchen barcart Wayfair

While there are options for DIY barcarts, you can also find tons of vintage-inspired and other beautiful, custom barcarts that require less time and energy than making your own. From sleek and simple options to extravagent and luxurious options, mom will have a cart that suits her style and holds everything she needs (including her new, home-infused liqueur!).

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