Valentine’s Day is here, and this time let’s do something different! Most of us are tired of store-bought cards - they can be impersonal! - and a great alternative to them is to make the cards yourself. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy! Check out these unique and thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day cards below and let someone know they have your heart!

Where there is love there is life. -Mahatma Gandhi

Watercolor Hearts

Doesn't this homemade card look super fancy?
Doesn’t this homemade card look super fancy? Source: Kwerner Design

Let’s start this list of with a very artsy approach, because your valentine deserves it! Show off your watercolor skills with these beautiful sunset-hued hearts, along with a lovely and simple message this year.

And the best part:

This card requires minimal supplies and it’s super easy to make! Ready to make it? Get the full tutorial over at Kwerner Design/!

Origami Hearts

These hearts speak for themselves!
These hearts speak for themselves! Source: Omiyage Blogs

Origami is always fun, especially when it’s for someone you love. In just under a few minutes you can whip up a batch of origami hearts, - which can be made with any colorful paper you may already have - and you can combine them with a simple stamped or written message to create a lovely card.

Get the full tutorial over at Omiyage Blogs!

Heart in the Clouds

This lovely idea is perfect for Valentine's Day!
This lovely idea is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Source: I Am Martisan

Your head and your heart are up in the clouds? Then show that to your valentine by crafting this lovely pop-up card! This fun tutorial by I Am Martisan is pretty easy to do, and it features a lovely watercolor design in 3D form that will definitely melt the heart of whoever receives it.

Candy Hearts Shaker Card

This shaker card is super fun!
This shaker card is super fun! Source: Janice Creates 

Don’t we all love shaker cards?! If your valentine is truly special, then take an afternoon to make this fun and romantic card, it will surely warm his or her heart! On the candy hearts, you can use romantic phrases, such as:

  • Love you
  • Kiss me
  • Be mine
  • And anything else you want!

Check out the full details at Janice Creates!

Fancy-Looking Heart

This card looks expensive but it's actually super cheap to make!
This card looks expensive but it’s actually super cheap to make! Source: Crafts Booming

As you can see in the step-by-step above, this gorgeous and expensive-looking card is actually pretty simple to put together! You can make one for your loved one for this Valentine’s Day, but this card style also works great if you want to surprise your friends, family members, parents, etc. Besides, it will transform a boring afternoon into a fun and exciting time!

Bouquet of Hearts

Doesn't this heart bouquet look incredible?!
Doesn’t this heart bouquet look incredible?! Source: Make and Takes

Not everyone likes flower bouquets: they’re too traditional, and not to mention expensive! You can get the same romantic effect but with a more thoughtful and crafty touch by making your own bouquet on a beautiful card! Make and Takes had the brilliant idea of using hearts instead of flowers, which makes the gesture even more special.

Bee My Valentine

A punny valentine's day is always fun!
A punny valentine’s day is always fun! Source: Polkadot Chair

Valentine’s day is even more fun when there are puns involved! You can use the traditional “Be My Valentine” phrase on a card and pair with a fun bee-related item, such as:

  • Bee erasers
  • Beeswax lip balm
  • Bee drawings
  • A little bee made of clay
  • Etc.

Check out Polkadot Chair for the tutorial, and share these cool cards in the classroom or to friends!

Scratch Off Valentine's Day Card

Who doesn't love scratch-off cards?!
Who doesn’t love scratch-off cards?! Source: Curbly 

It’s always so satisfying to use scratch off cards, but they’re even more fun when a special someone is involved. The idea and tutorial by Curbly looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple to make! It’s a fun twist to the traditional Valentine’s Day cards and it will make the occasion even more joyful.

Heart Sprinkles

Pouring hearts will make the day even more romantic!
Pouring hearts will make the day even more romantic! Source: Lawnscaping 

We all need love sprinkled into our lives from time to time, and this card idea by Lawnscaping does exactly that. You can make the hearts in any color you prefer, and then use glue to secure them in place.


In the tutorial, they use stamps to add the “Love You” letters to the card, but you can simply just write them with a colored pen.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Your valentine would love receiving this card!
Your valentine would love receiving this card! Source: KJ

Here’s another quirky idea for those who prefer things out of ordinary! The tutorial from KJ couldn’t get any simpler:

  1. Write “I Only Have” at the top of a blank card using markers, pens or by painting with a paintbrush
  2. Leave some space in the middle and write “For You” at the bottom of the card.
  3. Add stick-on googly eyes to the middle section.

That’s it! Isn’t it super easy?

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