Have you been noticing higher energy bills lately? How about drafty rooms? And too much noise coming from both outside and inside the house? These could all be signs your insulation has settled or that you don’t even have enough insulation. Check out these six questions to see if this is your problem and understand how to deal with them!

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Are your energy bills higher than expected?

Make your home more energy-efficient with brand new insulation.
Make your home more energy-efficient with brand new insulation. Source: Unsplash

Sure, the increase in the price of electricity can be what’s affecting your bills. However, poor insulation might be the issue as well. To transform your home into a more energy-efficient one, you’ll need to:

  • Reduce air leaks
  • Insulate walls, windows, and the ceiling
  • Replace or improve the heating system

Usually, newer homes are built with a more strict energy code, making them better insulated. But even if you live in one of these new homes, it’s a good idea to get your insulation checked. More than that, you’ll want to have a professional come and install new insulation for you to avoid moisture-related problems (among others that can occur when DIYed).

Do you feel any drafts in certain rooms?

Foam insulation can help reduce drafts.
Foam insulation can help reduce drafts. Source: Pixabay

There are many things that can cause a drafty room, for example, windows, doors, electrical outlets, and light fixtures. Insulation is the most important step to guarantee a comfy temperature at home.

The attic is usually the place in your house where there’s poor insulation, and even though the attic insulation alone won’t prevent drafty rooms, insulating walls, windows, and doors properly will help do the trick. Remember you’ll also be saving some money by lowering the energy bills once you deal with this issue. What a bonus, right?

Are you bothered by outside noises such as barking dogs, lawn mowers, and traffic?

Mineral wool insulation is great for weather and noise solutions.
Mineral wool insulation is great for weather and noise solutions. Source: Bob Vila

If you think insulation is only good for temperature purposes, I’d say think again. Not only that, but insulation is also a great way to do soundproofing in your house. Not all insulation materials will help with soundproofing, so you need to do your research and talk to the pros to better understand what you’re dealing with.

Basically, you can use soundproofing on ceilings, floors, inside walls, and outside walls. This will both bring you peace to stay at home working or studying and it will also boost your resale value.

And guess what?

Soundproof insulation isn’t exclusive for exterior noise, it will help with keeping the silence from one room to another indoors as well. The most common types of insulation used for this purpose are:

  • Mineral wool
  • Fiberglass
  • Loose-fill cellulose

So, if noises in your house are louder than usual, it may be a sign you need to renew your insulation.

Do you have rooms with different temperatures, even on the same floor?

When rooms are different temperatures (even on the same floor!), this is a huge sign there’s something wrong with your insulation. You’ll want to get that resolved as soon as possible to prevent more expenses with energy bills and reconditioning the entire house.

Is your home just too cold in the winter?

Insulate your home with a professional for better results.
Insulate your home with a professional for better results. Source: Bob Vila

If you have ever had to buy a portable heater or extra blankets to stay warm during the winter, you could be facing an insulation problem. And let me tell you that staying warm isn’t the only good thing new insulation will bring you, here are some more benefits to consider:

  • Delay turning on the furnace
  • Reduce drafts before they start
  • Prevent pipes from freezing
  • Avoid the need for home improvement projects during the holidays

Is your home too hot and stuffy in the summer?

Insulation is a great option for summer too.
Insulation is a great option for summer too. Source: The Family Handyman

Did you know insulation works the other way around too? That means, not only it keeps the house warmer during winter, it also helps to keep the house cooler during the summer. That’s because insulation works to slow down heat movement between two spaces, whatever the direction is (whether inside or outside).

So, during summer months, that insulation barrier will help keep heat out of your house!

As long as you follow some other tips, like using blinds and drapes with reflective materials during the day, and keeping the windows open in the evening or at night (to help the heat from the day to get out).

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