Each day that goes by we show our love to our dogs and our dogs respond with everything they have! Now, can you imagine what would happen when you made your pet a delicious cake for his or her birthday? It’d be a great party, that’s for sure!

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.” - Robert Wagner

Peanut Butter Cake

These two couldn't be happier!
These two couldn’t be happier! Image source: Moms & Munchkins

As you can see from the photo above, this cake is guaranteed success! It’s a mix of carrot, peanut butter, and banana frosting that makes it all just perfect for your dogs. It can get a bit messy to bake a whole cake, so you can also have the option of baking cupcakes! This recipe, for example, is quite similar to the first mentioned one - and equally delicious.

Pumpkin and Apple Cake

Pumpkin and apple for the best dog fall cake!
Pumpkin and apple for the best dog fall cake! Image source: Love from the Oven

While we love when fall comes along with the autumn flavors of pumpkin and apple, so do our dogs! With that in mind, this cake was born, it’s a perfect mix of apple, pumpkin, and peanut butter, and it has no sugar - so your dog won’t get sick from too much sweetness.

Here’s an interesting fact:

There’s actually a day for spoiling your dog, which is why this cake was made in the first place. Not a birthday or anything, but really just a random day to spoil your dog - in case you’re wondering, that day is on August 10th.

Carrot Cupcake

Carrot cupcakes to make your dog a healthy cake!
Carrot cupcakes to make your dog a healthy cake! Image source: Sweet beet and green bean

Carrot doesn’t sound like something your dog would love, but boy! How they love it! Every single time this recipe was made back home all the cupcakes were gone in no time, the dogs simply devour it with such pleasure! Can’t go wrong with these cupcakes, I’ll tell you that.

Apple and Cream Cheese Frosting

Doggie loves this recipe a lot!
Doggie loves this recipe a lot! Image source: Bakingdom

These cupcakes are very natural when it comes to ingredients used. They take oat flour, brown rice flour, nutmeg, apples… All of the good stuff! Of course the special ingredient is always the same: love! Okay, that might’ve sounded a bit cheesy, but I’m sure your dog will enjoy these a lot!

Grain-Free Cake

Grain-free for the healthiest option for your dog!
Grain-free for the healthiest option for your dog! Image source: A cozy kitchen

This cake is simple to make and it takes under an hour to be ready! As the name itself says above, this recipe is totally grain-free, which means it’s wonderful for your dog’s health too! We’d think they wouldn’t notice the difference, but they certainly seem to get really happy about this grain-free cake.

Coconut Oil and Honey Cake

Coconuit oil and honey both bring many benefits to dogs!
Coconuit oil and honey both bring many benefits to dogs! Image source: Brown Eyed Baker

It’s no news that coconut oil and honey are two ingredients that have several health benefits for us, and that means it has health benefits for our dogs as well.

Those can include, for example:

  • Allergy relief
  • Better digestion
  • Help prevent infection

So this recipe will be amazing for your dog!

Ground Beef

This is an option to skip the sweets!
This is an option to skip the sweets! Image source: 17 Apart

It doesn’t need to be all about the sweets, there’s also the option of making a ground beef salty cake. With a layer of mashed potatoes, your dog will love this recipe and even want to repeat it!

I hope you’ve liked reading so far (and that your dog really does love these recipes)! If you make any of these recipes, make sure to take some pictures and share it with us through our Facebook page! We’ll love to see your creations!

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