If you’ve been hibernating over the winter, it’s time to get up and stretch those DIY muscles! Spring is the best time to make DIY projects, especially if you need to be outside for ventilation, space, or just to feel the sun on your skin. While we have plenty of articles about how to get your garden ready for spring, what to plant for a thriving garden, and even some incredible before and after backyard makeovers, it’s time we tackled DIY furniture for your patio, deck, and backyard. Here are two incredibly easy and awesome DIY projects that you can make to give your backyard a little personality.

DIY Garden Bench Building

DIY garden bench with just wood beams and cinder blocks
DIY garden bench that’s perfect for any garden, patio, or deck! Source:Icon Home Design

What You’ll Need

  • 12 cinder blocks (try to get 8”x8”x12” models, they usually cost around $2 a piece)
  • 4 beams (4”x4”x8” is ideal, but you could go longer or shorter depending on how long you need the bench to be)
  • Wood sealer (make sure it’s outdoor sealer)
  • Industrial strength glue (such as Liquid Nails, Gorilla Glue, etc.)

How to Build It

  • Apply wood seal to beams; allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • Choose an area for your bench. Once the area is chosen, stack the cinder blocks with two standing vertically and two on top of the vertical ones laying horizontal. Repeat for both sides.
  • Slide wood into holes of horizontal blocks. Make sure the area is level and that the height is within desired specifications. If everything is good, proceed to step 4.
  • Remove beams. Deconstruct cinder blocks. Apply glue then reassemble structure, allowing 12 hours for glue to set and dry.
  • Re-insert beams. Beams may also be glued in at this point, but this is an optional step.
  • Enjoy your new garden bench!

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DIY Garden Wine Bar Building

DIY pallet wine bar for garden, patio, or deck
DIY wine bar made out of pallets, perfect for your backyard! Source:Pinterest

What You’ll Need

  • 2 shipping pallets
  • 1 can of outdoor paint (white) or 2 cans of outdoor spray paint (white)
  • 3 flat, square concrete or stone pavers
  • Industrial strength glue

How to Build It

  • Paint pallets white, allowing time to dry.
  • Once is paint is dry, glue pallets together with board sides facing out.
  • Place glued together palettes where you need a wine bar. Stand them up vertically.
  • Place stone or concrete pavers on top of vertically standing pallets to ensure a good fit.
  • Remove pavers, apply liquid glue, replace pavers, and let set 12 hours.
  • Enjoy the new wine bar!

If you’ve been looking for a new spring project to bring your backyard to life, try these! They’re easy, inexpensive, and give your backyard a little bit of homemade flair.

What do you think of these DIY projects? Which one are you going to make? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and be sure to visit our Facebook page for more great DIY ideas!

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