With the start of Summer coming closer, one of the most important places of the house is the backyard. That’s where so many fun memories are created, where the kids will be playing, and where gatherings of friends and family will be held. With such importance, it deserves to look fantastic and provide your family with the best time.

Whether your backyard is designed for entertaining a crowd or just for relaxing with a good book, get some inspiration by checking out these incredible before and after makeovers that transformed a basic backyard to a dreamy landscape.

From Lifeless to Lively


From Lifeless to lively
Backyard ideas: The Vintage Rug Shop

This lifeless backyard was in need of makeover, and since it was clean and had a big leveled blank space, it had lots of potential.


From lifeless to lively
Small backyard ideas: The Vintage Rug Shop

Talk about a transformation, right? That blank space got some amazing additions that transformed the place into a dreamlike station filled with lounge and dining furniture and relaxing corners.

Some gorgeous and low maintenance, drought-tolerant plants were added to bring nature into the space, while the concrete makes for an interesting contrast that brings style and personality to it. The concrete also incredibly weather-resistant and easy to maintain. Rugs, pillows, and blankets make the backyard extremely cozy for relaxing afternoons and intimate dinners. Even though they’re simple, these landscape design ideas are perfect for any backyard style.

Relaxing Retreat


Relaxing Retreat
Backyard patio ideas: Almost Makes Perfect

This basic backyard is what most people have around their home, but the wasted space can be transformed into a gorgeous and relaxing place if the right ideas are executed.


Relaxing Retreat
Landscape design ideas: Almost Makes Perfect

A simple design and minimalist setting with the right touch of coziness. These homeowners mixed a Palm Springs hotel vibe with a trendy desert theme and came up with a gorgeous space that brings relaxation into a whole new level. The concrete patio was extended, string lights added, and a simple fire pit corner was included. This backyard now has comfy seating and even a hammock for those who want to relax, as well as a welcoming dining set ready for an intimate dinner. There’s also a cozy firepit corner perfect for creating some unforgettable memories.

Small Backyard Makeover


Small Backyard Makeover
Backyard design ideas: Liz Marie Blog

Whether you have a big or a small backyard, there’s always a way to transform it into a gorgeous and welcoming space.


Small backyard makeover
Garden landscaping ideas: Liz Marie Blog

Just because you have a small backyard, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less-than-amazing space. There are many ways to transform it and these homeowners prove it: they made their small yard into a gorgeous space perfect for relaxing or for having friends over. The space is filled with small backyard ideas, including DIY projects that are totally budget-friendly and the gazebo that keeps the bugs away. Cozy, gorgeous, and practical!

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From Wasted Space To Practical Yard

From wasted space to practical backyard
Backyard living: An Oregon Cottage

While a big deck works for many families, in this house it was occupying the whole yard, instead of just being a part of it. It didn’t have any space left for other projects and didn’t allow the family to enjoy their backyard to the fullest. For the much needed revamp, the deck was transformed from a big empty space to 4 different “rooms”:

  • A dining area on a gravel patio, with room for flower beds
  • A herb garden providing fresh herbs for meals
  • An entry deck for the house
  • A cozy gazebo, perfect for a lazy afternoon

The new outdoor area now fits the family’s lifestyle and provides a much better use of the space, with everything a backyard would need to be perfect.

Small Cozy Retreat


Small Cozy Retreat
Landscaping ideas backyard: Pretty Handy Girl

This backyard was screaming to be designed and properly enjoyed.


Backyard Makeover
Residential landscape design: Pretty Handy Girl

You won’t believe the transformation in this backyard. In the pics above, you can see a cozy space for dinners, which is the first space you see when stepping from the house, but that wasn’t the only addition. The whole backyard got a new design! The rocks and mud puddles were changed into well-lit pathways, a seating wall creates extra seats for parties, a giant pergola hides the trash cans, gorgeous Granika steps were added, the firepit was revamped and now there’s a big space with a new sod lawn perfect for playing. Wow! Check out the transformation here!

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