So you’ve got the weekend off and want to do something cool with it? We’ve separate a handful of awesome little projects that can be easily finished over the weekend and are all affordable – most as low as $20 bucks.

We love the idea of affordable projects, because many homeowners will think that because they cannot afford a big remodel it means they’re stuck with a boring looking room, but not so! These easy projects come to show you can do a lot with creativity to change the look of your home, which is always a great way to boost your mood!

Office corner

office corner
An office corner for your crafts! Source: BHG

Maybe you don’t necessarily work from home, but your little office corner can be a lot more than a workspace. It can be your little reading corner, writing corner, or just your crafts and projects corner – a place you can use to dabble with some DIY.

A small table or desk with a simple chair should already be enough, nothing too fancy is required. From there, you can add things in small increments until you’re satisfied. A lamp if it’s too dark, a printable on the wall for style and inspiration, an organizer for your projects… the sky is the limit from here!

Mini succulent planters

mini succulent planters
Succulent planters made with pine wood! Source: The Cottage Market

These mini succulent planters are super easy to make and customize in many ways. The best part is that this particular project has the potential to become something more – it’s a perfect gift or souvenir for a variety of celebrations, and you can make them yourself!

You will need is a two by four or two by two made of pine – it’s important it’s pine because it’s soft and light, meaning you can easily drill the hole for the succulent. Once that’s done, the painting is where you can have a lot of fun, since you can go pretty much anywhere. Solid colors, splashes of paint, polka dots… 

Backyard vegetable garden

vegetable garden
A backyard vegetable garden is a healthy hobby! Source: Gardeners

A vegetable garden is fairly easy to set up and care for. In fact, it can turn into a healthy hobby that yields delicious vegetables for your recipes and daily cooking!

And in case you haven’t heard, this is the best time to start a gardening project!

Drawer organizer

drawer organizer
Easy drawer organizers made with cereal boxes! Source: IHeart Organizing

We all have that one drawer (or more, let’s be honest) that just refuses to stay bound by any rules. It’s the “messy drawer, as we call it. Well, what if we make the messy drawer into something that doesn’t look unholy?

The trick here are cereal boxes – they can be cut, fit, and customized in any way you want, making for perfect and colorful organizers!

DIY hanging planter

diy hanging planter
Hanging planters are easy to make and beautiful to look at! Source: I Heart Nap Time

This hanging planter can be placed in your front yard for an extra touch of curb appeal. The project is pretty much as simple as it looks, no big secrets, and can be done in one weekend with no problem. The plants are also up to you – succulents look nice and are easy to care for, but some people go for lushious hanging moss too (although that would be harder to maintain).

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