The Eclipse Lamp is a beautiful DIY project that hangs on your wall and produces a soft glow that you can adjust by turning it. It’s a unique lighting project that’s both beautiful and practical - take a look and see for yourself!

The incredible finished eclipse lamp at work!
Source: Instructables

It’s an amazing decor idea you can make with basic hardware tools and some crafting skills.

Below, we break down the most important steps so you know what you’ll be getting yourself into.

To better understand the design and have the wood cut correctly, download the 3D model here. To open this file, you’ll need Fusion 360 (free for personal use) or Blender (free for everyone).

And to see the full list of materials and complete instructions, check out the original post at Instructables!

Assembling the plywood

Assembling the plywood - Eclipse Lamp DIY Project
Source: Instructables
  • Stack the pieces you’ve assembled from the 3D model as shown in the pictures and glue them together firmly.
  • Hammer a joining dowel through each hole to make sure they stay aligned.
  • Then, you can clamp down to make sure the glue cures evenly.

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Assembling the LED

Assembling the LED strip - How To Make An Eclipse Lamp
Source: Instructables
  • Epoxy the LED strip around the inside surface of the disc. When you reach the end, cut it with scissors.
  • Peel back the plastic at the end of the strip to expose the soldering contacts, which you’ll need to solder the wires from the dimmer box - matching red and black accordingly.
  • Solder the wires from the dimmer box on the strip and test the connection to see if it worked.
How To DIY An Eclipse Lamp!
Source: Instructables

Then, add the veneer to the disc and sand it for extra transparency.

Finally, glue the veneer on the disc.

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Gearing up

Gearing up - How To Make a DIY Eclipse Lamp
Source: Instructables
  • Join the small gear parts using glue, clamps, and dowel to keep them aligned while the glue cures. Once it’s cured, you can remove the dowel.
  • Align the mounting holes in the turntable with each tab and glue them to the back panel of the turning disc.
  • Screw the turntable to the mounting plate, then screw the other ring of the turntable to the turning disc through these cutouts.
  • Attach the 1/8’’ plate to the front of the panel and get the LED wires through a hole you’ll have to drill on the center.

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Finishing it up

Final touches to the DIY Eclipse Lamp
Source: Instructables

Glue a strip of veneer onto the outer edges of the disc to cover up the laser-burn. Once the glue is cured, cut off the extra material with a razor knife. Dispose of the plastic wire from the power supply and replace it with fabric lamp wire. Then, glue together the small wooden box to cover the power supply.

And voilá - you just got yourself a beautiful and unique DIY lamp!

Feeling crafty? This tutorial came from the awesome Instructables website and was entirely designed by user JON-A-TRON. Click here to see the full original post!

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