DIY lighting fixtures for a home interior
DIY Wooden mood lighting Boredpanda

DIY projects are everywhere these days, and the lighting in your home is no exception. Of course, there’s no denying the importance of good lighting - not only can you then see what you’re doing in kitchen or living room, but good lighting illuminates dark corners, highlights the interior design of your home, sets the mood, and adds visual interest to any room. And luckily, it’s easy to DIY unique lighting that sets your home apart from any other and complements the interior design you’ve put so much time and energy into already. So if you’re looking to spice up your living space and add a little extra light, you don’t have to be an electrician or call a contractor (though don’t be afraid to if you’re committed to a more intense project); instead, check out these totally amazing and totally customizable DIY lamp projects and start planning your own!

Glass bottle Lamp

Home decor with DIY glass jar lamps
DIY glass lamp collection CountryLiving

One of the easiest, best ways to create a new light fixture is to create a DIY glass bottle lamp. Depending on what style you’re going for, you shouldn’t need much more than an empty glass bottle, a lightbulb fixture, and a lampshade if you want, though there are some super stylish projects that involve filling the glass bottles with decorations such as wine corks or marbles. This a great option for a chic rustic look, especially if you have vintage glass bottles to use!

’Reading’ Lamp

DIY interior lamp fixtures: book lovers rejoice!
Book lover's lamp HGTV

The perfect lamp for booklovers - this homeowner used a stack of books to create the base for a DIY tableside lamp that not only adds light for reading but also stylish decor. Choose classics to display or use copies of your favorite reads, but don’t plan on rereading those copies anytime soon!

Custom Shade

Unique DIY interior lighting that is truly a wrok of art
Custom DIY cloth lamps Instructables

Sometimes the most fashionable way to create a DIY lamp is to focus more on the lampshade than the lamp itself. There are plenty of ways to create custom shades, but one of our favorites is to use tiny holes to create a lit scene, like this cityscape, with a DIY pinhole lampshade. Of course, the scene doesn’t have to be an urban one - you can use the holes to create an abstract design, or just a ‘starry night’ type design. Create one custom lamp or a matching set with complementary images - the options are endless!

Tetrabox Lamp

DIY interior home design at night with this custom lamp
Disco ball lamp Boredpanda

This DIY project is for the seriously crafty! Not only is it one of the most unique light fixtures we’ve ever seen, it’s also created almost completely out of recycled materials, making it a great ecofriendly DIY project. The tetrabox lamp project is a wonderful way to design with kids; use the project to teach younger kids about shapes and help slightly older kids work on their fine motor skills, folding the boxes into shapes and putting it together.

Pulley Sconce

Wooden DIY lamp ideas with a pully sconce
DIY lighting fixture: the pulley sconce Etsy

Perfect for lighting up a dark corner and adding to the rustic or steampunk decor of the rest of the room, the pulley sconce can be customized with whatever antique or new pulley you have and whichever kind of lightbulb you want, from regular bulbs to fancy filament bulbs. Or, you can find a new pulley to install and use paint and sandpaper to give it a vintage, distressed look, depending on your preference. Install over an armchair in a reading corner, or use one on each side of the bed for unique bedside lights!

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