Everything You need for the Best Saint Patrick's Day Party
We have everything you need for the perfect St. Patrick's Day party! Source: Etsy

Saint Patrick’s Day is the national holiday in Ireland celebrated on March 17th - the day Saint Patrick supposedly passed away. It’s a day of celebration for both kids and adults, where everybody dresses up, crafts, dances, and plays, all to celebrate Ireland’s culture!

These are our picks for the best party games, crafts, costumes, music, and much more for St. Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day Bingo

Saint Patrick's Day Games Bingo
Source: Pre-K Pages

Bingo is a simple game everybody can understand and join in at any time, and all you have to do to set up a St. Patrick’s Day themed bingo is download this free printable!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt for Saint Patrick's Day!
Source: Eighteen25

For a more exciting challenge, separate two teams of children and have them compete against each other - the team who finds the most treasure wins! As for the treasure, here are some ideas (including the one from the image above):

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Coin Toss

Coin toss is a super fun game for St. Patrick's Day!
Source: The 36th Avenue

Purchase or make a leprechaun’s pot of gold and put it down a few feet away from you, drawing a line on the floor so no one can go over it. Now get a few coins and try tossing it into the pot! Whoever gets more points wins! You can also play this game in two teams, if there are enough people!

To spice things up, get three or more pots and assign points to them, putting the one of the highest value farthest away! That way you can try for the one worth more points, but is harder to hit.

Irish Poker (with Alcohol)

Irish poker is a great adult game for St. Patrick's Day
Source: Latin Times

If you’ve never played poker, don’t worry, this has nothing to do with the real poker game.

First, everyone is given 4 cards - and it’s important everyone already has a topped up drink with them. The dealer goes first, and the game is having to guess whether you will turn a red or a black card from the deck. If the person guesses wrong, they have to drink for the amount of seconds counted from the cards they’re holding. If they guess right, the others have to drink a sip.

There are many different versions of Irish Poker - be sure to check them out and find which one you like best.

Traditional Irish Music

Traditional Irish Music for fun!
Source: Dublin Visitor Center

Music is one of the most celebrated aspects of Saint Patrick’s Day! Here are some great picks to download and play during your celebration:

Pop Rock Irish Music

Here's some great pop rock songs from Irish artists!
Source: U2Start

Hey, nobody said you can’t sprinkle the playlist with some awesome new music from Irish artists, whether it’s the ambitious arena rock from U2 or the soft pop with folk elements from The Corrs. Here are our favorites:

Costume Ideas & Crafts

A simple DIY clover crown!
Source: Crafted In Carhartt

You can’t have a Saint Patrick’s Day party without costumes and crafts to match! It’s time to dress yourself green with our favorites ideas:

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Irish Movies for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are the best movies to celebrate Irish culture!
Source: Alan Parker

There aren’t that many movie set around St. Patrick’s Day (we’re not counting the horror movie “Leprechaun”), but we found some anyway - and a few more set in Ireland, perfect to celebrate their culture during the holiday!

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