Family room vs living room

Do you know the difference between a family room and a living room? Being confused about them is completely understandable because of their similarity. And both are usually described as a house area with the purpose of relaxing, talking and being an entertaining space.

However, there are small details that differ one from the other, especially when a house is for sale. Read below to understand.

Family Room x Living Room: Definitions

Family rooms, by definition, can be understood as a casual and informal space for the family to hang out and rest. Living rooms are seen as more formal spaces, to welcome neighbors and friends in home events.

The majority of the houses around the world with both living and family rooms have them separated by another room, such as a kitchen or dining room. Moreover, a living room layout is mostly planned to the front of the house and a family room stays at the back of the house. Everything strategically designed.

The family room layout includes more space, furniture, sitting areas and features than the living room design, but the family room decoration is all about casual and simple furniture. It is also supposed to be the one that is used the most.

Take a look at this amazing luxury attic living room from England.

Family Room X Living Room In The Real Estate

The definition of living and family rooms is also important when it comes to real estate. Did you know? Both, family and living rooms together, can add something like 15% to the home value.

Only the family room by itself makes a considerable difference in the process of buying or selling a house: it’s an extra space – a bonus room – and, typically, larger houses mean higher prices.

On the other hand, it can also mean one more improvement project for you if you're thinking about selling the place you live nowadays, so think about it or ask a professional opinion as soon as possible!

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