The living room is an incredible place to express yourself with decoration, but because we want this place to remain comfortable and practical, we have to be deliberate about our efforts. Let’s learn how to make the most of your living room decoration while making sure the place is as comfy as it can be!

And to do that, we’ll learn a bit about colors, textures, furniture and placement, as well as how to combine all of those elements into a cohesive package. With all these tips you will be able to design the perfect living room for your home!

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Create contrast

There is a way to do neutrals (and we’ll get to it), but creating contrast works wonders for adding visual variety and dimension even to a relatively small living room. The old black and white is good to start with, but you can do a lot by simply contrasting dark and light shades in general, such as dark wood with beige or white and grey. 

Upholstery revamp

Upholstery furniture adds a lot to a living room, but it can scare homeowners into replacing all of their pieces when the first rip or discoloration appears. But don’t worry, you can instead update them with a brand new look and save quite some money by going for reupholstery. It makes a huge difference! 

Use a rug to create zones

Rugs are amazing for bringing the room together, but they excel at creating zones when your living room isn’t separated by any walls to other parts of the house. They create a lot of visual interest against the floor, working as a focal point to the area.

Keep it practical

Visual interest matters, but it’s a living room after all and it should remain practical. When trying to decorate and rearrange the furniture, make sure the seating areas are within conversation distance and that nothing is at a bad angle. For example, a couch or chair at a spot that always gets glare from the TV, or a foot rest that can’t be reached.


You can convey a lot by using textures – it’s another layer of sensory information that everyone can recognize and relate to. Things like fluffy blankets, velvet pillows, leather upholstery, wool rugs… things you can feel by just looking at it. This will add dimension to your living room and make the area much more interesting. 


It’s very inexpensive to add some beautiful artwork to your living room decor. All it takes is finding art that you like and have it printed, then put it on a frame – but you can always purchase unique pieces of artwork from local decor stores as well, which is where you can find some truly awesome stuff.

When choosing, do consider what better fits the mood and look of your living room, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment. None of it is permanent and you can always switch things up later if you want!

Splashes of color

If you’re unsure how to handle color on a large scale, you can always add splashes of color in smaller increments. Pillows, chairs, artwork, smaller decorative pieces with a dash of bold color that will contrast against a mostly neutral living room. And better yet, because none of these elements are permanent, you’re free to experiment and see which colors fit your home better!

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