Nathan Ripperger is a video producer and graphic designer who had an original idea when thinking about this lifestyle as a father.
Ripperger has been publishing online illustrations with hilarious phrases that he has been saying to his kids for years, but it is only recently that the images began to gain recognition.

And now the designer decided to make a book - Things I've Said to My Children - with 80 of the best phrases he told them.
According to Ripperger it’s all part of being a parent: "When you are a parent, after some time you stop realizing the absurdity of some situations and how fun it is to be a parent. For me this is the tricky part - to not get too numb by the routine and enjoy every moment I have with my children."

See some illustrations that will make you laugh out loud below.

A graphic designer father decided to illustrate some of the comical phrases he's said to his kids.
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Look at these incredible and hilarious illustrations of what this father has said to his kids.
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