Incorporating the Elements in Your House- Part 1: Earth 

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The way people feel in their homes depends a lot on the distribution and arrangement of different materials and elements within a home. It is no wonder that people who possess some knowledge on Feng Shui and its main features can turn every home into a cozy and pleasant place. Since the earth is the foundation of everything else in the world, enriching your home décor with earth elements gives the entire space a sense of safety and firmness. Because of that, it is important to incorporate these elements in a proper way.

Salt rock for ionized air

What element can be closer to earth than rock? If you want your living room to always be rich with negative ions, which are crucial for positive energy in a home, go for the Himalayan salt rock. This miraculous rock can be used for cooking, too, but the most efficient way to use it is in salt rock lamps. When exposed to high temperatures, the rock makes the air ionized, leading to a better atmosphere, energy-wise. Therefore, this earth element can serve both as a great decoration and a generator of positive energy.

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Oil with elements of soil

Terracotta is one of the most popular Feng Shui features. It is a perfect choice for flower pots, since it is suitable for every flower color. Moreover, terracotta candle holders bring the special earth element to your zen home, since this type of clay can also be used for oil diffusers. When we know that fire is compatible with earth in Feng Shui philosophy, it is clear that terracotta is a must-have for every decorista in love with this zen decor.

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Art in line with earth

Feng Shui is never about money. On the contrary, it is supposed to bring harmony and peace in accordance with simple laws of nature. So, if you want to decorate your home, you should never buy expensive works of art. What you could do instead is photograph natural beauties with earth elements and put those photos on your walls. Moreover, you can go for some interesting paintings with idyllic pastoral motifs, too. However, avoid metal and plastic frames, but always use wooden frames for your photos and paintings. That way you will add another earth element to your home.

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Keep your colors down to earth

You can get salt rock from the Himalayas and terracotta items, but your home will not be in accordance with Feng Shui earth rules if you fail to incorporate the right colors. What you should know is that an earth-directed space should have only the colors, shades and tones that reflect the Earth and all its features. The colors that go with that description are red, pink, purple, orange, excessive yellow – representing fire – and all other earthy shades. Also, do not forget some of the most pleasant earth color tones – sandy colors. For instance, you can pave your patio with sandstone tiles and make the area perfectly match your earthy interiors.

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Crystals as the final touch

Crystals are among the basic elements which other earth elements are made of. They represent the essence of the earth element. You can keep your crystals in a special clay bowl – perhaps terracotta – on your coffee table and let them emit their soothing energy throughout your entire home.

Get your whole house remodeled with crystals
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Earth is only one part of Feng Shui. Elements related to earth are a good choice for some people and some rooms, but it is not the rule of thumb. Start learning more about it and all its elements to find out what elements suit what people and how to organize your entire home in accordance with the Feng Shui philosophy.

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