There’s no better way to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of spring weather than with a gorgeous new deck installation that your friends and family can enjoy together. That said, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to plan if a new deck is on your to-do list this spring and one of the most important decisions among these is what material is right for your home’s deck in particular. Your choice of deck material will have an impact on everything from the look of your new living space to the price of the deck installation and the level of maintenance which is demanded in the years to come, so a careful consideration of a number of options is an important part of the planning process which shouldn't be addressed too lightly. Consider these popular deck materials for your home’s stunning new entertainment space and speak with professional deck installation contractors to create the perfect new deck for your home’s needs, looks, space, and budget.

Pressure Treated Wood Deck Installation

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Wooden deck

Undeniably the most popular deck building material, pressure treated wood is one of the most affordable options on the market today with some styles costing only 60 cents per linear foot. That said, in spite of the injection of chemicals which preserve the condition of the wood, warping, cracking, and splitting is an inevitability. Pressure treated woods are designed, however, to last for quite some time with proper maintenance and many contractors and lumberyards offer lengthy warranties as a result. Even still, the maintenance that the material demands is rather heavy including a yearly sanding, staining, and sealing as well as protective measures for especially hot and sunny days. If you have the time and money for servicing and are looking for the natural, untouched beauty of wood to be your deck’s finish then pressure treated wood is perfect for you.

Cedar Deck Installation

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In many ways cedar wood offers all the benefits of pressure treated wood with a more dependable nature. Cedar is exclusively cut from the core of a tree and so is naturally resistant to rot, insect infestation, and moisture build-up. As a result, homeowners who choose to have a cedar deck installed at their home can count on their beautiful, rich color and reliable strength to last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance! What’s more, the maintenance required by cedar wood is incredibly simple compared to pressure treated wood. It typically only requires a fresh stain every three years or so to keep its robust color and warmth intact. However, all of this increased reliability comes at a price since cedar wood decks tend to cost about twice to three times as much as pressure treated options.

Ipe Deck Installation

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Ipe wood (also known as Pau Lope and Ironwood) is perhaps the strongest and more durable wood on the planet, making it an ideal material to use to construct a long-lasting and absolutely stunning deck. Ipe decks are certified to stand strong for up to 35 years of use with incredibly reduced maintenance needs since the density of the wood makes it virtually impossible for wood rot, moisture buildup, or insect infestation to even scratch the surface. That said, as you may expect high quality Ipe wood comes with a high price tag since the material has to be imported from the forests of Brazil and then worked on by specially experienced deck builders using specially designed tools to ensure that your spectacular new deck is constructed safely and reliably.

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