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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Catch Basin in Miami?

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Catch Basin Cleaning can increase the value of your home by $107

A catch basin is an integral part of a home and municipal sewer system. It allows rainwater from the streets to flow smoothly through the underground pipes that lead to the sewer system. It usually has a grate filter to ensure that debris and other solid materials will be filtered and only water can pass through. However, even with grate filter in place, a catch basin can still be clogged with smaller debris like leaves, plastics, and other objects that can get through the grate filter. A clogged catch basin will not be able to operate at its full performance. It can hinder the smooth flow of water to the sewer line. To prevent this from happening, catch basin cleaning in Miami is very important. By regularly cleaning the catch basin, you will prevent roadsides from being damaged by water. A Miami catch basin cleaning can also help in keeping your home safe because the excess water from the rain will go down the catch basin instead of your home. The water that may pool on the roadside may contain chemicals that are harmful to any person. If your catch basin is clogged, it will prevent this contaminated water from going down the drain. You will also need Miami catch basin cleaning to ensure that the melting snow will surely go down the drain.

Fair price breakdown

Some homeowners tend to do their own catch basin cleaning in Miami to save some money. However, this can be very difficult if you do not have the necessary tools and equipment needed to clean your catch basin. It may also lead to far more serious problems that can cost you a lot because you do not have enough knowledge on how to properly clean your catch basin. On the other hand, hiring a professional for your Miami catch basin cleaning job can cost you around $200 to $300. Some contractors may charge higher depending on your location and the local rates in your area. Professional cleaning may come at a cost but it will assure you that you catch basin will be thoroughly cleaned. Professional cleaners have all the essential tools to clean it properly.

Estimated final cost for catch basin cleaning

Item Quantity Fair Price
Sewer Line Labor 2.4 Hours $109.69
Sewer Line Equipment Allowance $22.27
Totals - Cost to Clean Sewer Lines - 1 Line $131.95
Average Cost Per Line $131.95

Find the Best Costs on Catch Basin Cleaning - Miami, 33125

There are other factors to consider in determining your actual catch basin cleaning in Miami cost. This includes the labor cost and the length of your catch basin. Other considerations include the fee that you have to pay for the permit, inspection prior to cleaning, surface preparation and cleanup fees, taxes, and a general contractor fee amounting from $17 up to $22 if you decide to hire one.

Miami-Dade County Catch Basin Cleaning FAQ

On average, a catch basin should be cleaned annually. However, if you are living in an area that has lots of trees and road debris, you might want to have your catch basin cleaned at least twice a year. This is to ensure that the drains are not being clogged by trees and other materials.

No. If you are giving your catch basin the care that it needs and you maintain it regularly, there is no need to have your pipes jetted. Some companies may offer inexpensive catch basin cleaning but may charge you a higher cost for jetting your pipes. You need to be vigilant of these companies and make sure that you are aware of all on the inclusion in the cleaning service that you acquire.

Drains are the pipes that are connected to your catch basins that allow the smooth flow of water from the streets down to the sewer system.

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2020

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