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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Mirror in Hudson?

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What type of handyman project is this?

Mirror installation in Hudson can provide a lot of benefits in your home. It can create an illusion of space that can make your room more spacious. It can also be used to make narrow hallways look wider. Hudson mirror installation can also be a focal point when put in any room. You may use mirrors with decorative frames and place them in the most prominent part of any wall to make it more eye catching. A mirror can also enhance any room’s appeal. If you place it strategically to reflect a pleasant part of the room like a beautiful vase or painting, it can help set the attention to those objects. Mirrors not only enhance the visual space of a room but can also make it look brighter. If you do not have enough lighting in your room, you can place a mirror in front of your window to reflect more natural light indoors. Aside from helping you groom yourself, mirrors can also be placed around your house for added security. If you have noticed the rounded sphere mirrors in convenient stores that enable the crew to view all corners of the store, you can also do this in your home. Putting a mirror in strategic corners will allow you to see different parts of your home without you going there.

Fair price breakdown

The overall cost of mirror installation in Hudson often consists of the cost of the mirror itself. The cost of a mirror may vary depending on the size and its features. You may notice in mirror stores that a full-length mirror is usually costlier than a standard wall mirror. It is estimated that the price of a new mirror is between $70 and $120. This amount does not include the cost of hardware that may be needed to securely mount the mirror. Mirror hardware usually costs around $50 to $80. Labor associated with Hudson mirror installation can cost approximately $50 to $120 and may take about two hours to be completed. This amount already includes the preparation, mounting, and cleaning up of the area.

Estimated final cost for mirror installation

Item Quantity Fair Price
Mirror ?Cost 1 Mirror $92.56
Mirror ?Labor 2 Hours $85.65
Mirror ?Job Materials and Supplies 1 Mirror $66.53
Totals - Cost to Install Mirrors - 1 Mirror $244.75
Average Cost Per Mirror $244.75

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Overall, the total cost of a mirror installation in Hudson is estimated to be around $200 up to $280. This amount already includes the labor cost of hiring a professional contractor for the installation project. However, the cost of installation may vary depending on if the mirror to be installed is new or not. Antique mirror installation in Hudson may cost more because of the extreme care that needs to be applied on the mirror. You may also add to its cost the reconditioning service plus the availability of the artisan.

Pasco County Mirror Installation FAQ

High-quality mirrors can last for up to 50 years or more provided that they are maintained and well taken care of.

Yes, if it passes the fingernail test. If the scratch is big enough for the end of your fingernail to fit in, then take it to a professional. Otherwise, you should clean the mirror and apply silicone caulk with a toothpick. Let it dry thoroughly. Take straight edge razor blade and shave off excess at the same level as the mirror. It doesn't take the scratch away but it covers it nicely.

Yes. Most mirror stores offer cutting of mirrors. You can choose from a straight cut or a beveled cut. However, beveling can be more expensive.

Yes. You can go to any mirror store and discuss your needs with a representative.

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2022

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