Even though times are changing and things are becoming less and less formal, some things should never change, like being kind to strangers and helping whenever is possible. So, as a reminder, here are seven niceties that should never be forgotten!

Sending Cards

Sending a handwritten card will surely brighten someone's day!
Sending a handwritten card will surely brighten someone’s day! Source: Mila Punto Com

Even though we have instant messaging and other immediate means of communication, sending cards and letters to loved ones should always be present in our lives. There’s nothing better than opening the mailbox and seeing that in the midst of bills and random ads, there’s a thoughtful postcard from a loved one or a small letter from a close friend.


Emails may be easier and quicker to send, but they don’t transmit the same care and thoughtfulness that an actual card does.


Forget about the “fashionably late” trend and try to arrive at dinners and other events a little bit early, so you can pay respects to the host and keep everything moving at a leisurely pace. Being punctual shows off your professionalism and creates a good impression on other people.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

A handwritten thank-you card is the best way to express your gratitude.
A handwritten thank-you card is the best way to express your gratitude. Source: Vena Esperanza

Unlike a text or an email, sending a classic thank-you card via mail is a gesture that won’t soon be forgotten. Instead of getting buried under countless other messages on an email app, a handwritten thank you card really shows your gratitude and makes a good impression.

You can send a handwritten thank you note for:

  • An invitation
  • A job interview
  • A birthday party
  • Any act of kindness


A surprise gift can transform someone's day
A surprise gift can transform someone’s day. Source: Fun Squared

Nowadays people only usually give gifts on birthdays and holidays, but the simple act of giving and surprising a loved one shouldn’t happen only on determined dates.

  • Sending a small gift to a host, after any party or gathering is a good way to show your appreciation for the hospitality.
  • You can also simply surprise your loved ones and friends with a small but thoughtful gift once in awhile, just to show that you care for them.

Some ideas on what to gift:

  • A book
  • Flowers
  • Candy
  • Movie or concert tickets
  • Etc.

Waiting to Speak

It’s easy to get carried away in a conversation and interrupt the person who’s speaking, especially when we get excited about a certain topic. Sometimes we don’t even notice it happens!

The act can be perceived as rude, disrespectful and give the impression that you’re not listening closely, so it’s a good idea to try and do your best to wait for your turn to speak and not interrupt the person.

Tipping Hotel Employees

Tip those that make your stay even better!
Tip those that make your stay even better! Source: Visual Optimism

While it’s common to tip the person who carries your bag, it’s also a good idea to tip anyone who assists you during your stay at a hotel, to show your gratitude for the good service.


  • The cleaner
  • The hall-boy
  • The waiter at the dining room
  • The porter
  • Etc.

Sending an RSVP

RSVPs nowadays are basically only sent on the most formal occasions, but the practice should involve any other social events and gatherings as well. All invitations that are limited to a certain number of guests (excluding large or informal parties) should be answered at once, such as a dinner or an intimate gathering - even if the invitation was delivered online.

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