There’s not a doubt in the world that dogs are one of the cutest and most adorable animals out there. Not only that, but we can actually have these cuties as pets (unlike giraffes that are so darn adorable, but not at all within reach of having them as pets).

Anyways, back to dogs:

These pets are usually very fun to have around, they have so much spirit and it seems like they’re always excited about anything and everything! For that reason, it’s very common that funny situations end up happening, and these owners sure do love their dogs! Check it out!

"Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz

#1. I have my boy’s back

I have my boy's back.
Image source: Bored Panda

This owner who knows how to have his boy’s back! I just picture the scene in the middle of the street with all of these dogs barking at each other and then this human among them doing the same, cracks me up!

#2. Walk? Did someone said walk? Let’s Walk!

Walk? Did someone said walk? Let's walk!
Image source: Bored Panda

It’s no news that dogs love going for a walk (or even a run), but it’s just so hilarious to see their reaction when they recognize the word “walk”. Sometimes we don’t even need to say the words, only show them the dog leash and they’ll go crazy!

#3. This lady who knows what she wants in life

This lady knows what she wants in life!
Image source: Bored Panda

This is just one of the best list of goals I’ve ever seen! We can absolutely say she’s a dog person and she’s proud of it. Her soulmate will surely have a good laugh when they see this!

#4. I think I smelled food over here, is that right?

I think I smelled food over here, is that right?
Image source: Bored Panda

If you ever had a dog at home, you know there isn’t one single meal you’ll be able to eat on your own. Somehow your doggo will always find a way to get a bite of it! We just can’t resist their cute, adorable faces!

#5. Cutest kiddo ever

Cutest kiddo ever!
Image source: Bored Panda

Have you ever had someone bothering you with that question? It usually comes up when having family dinners or something like that, there’s always that person you haven’t seen in a while who either asks “where’s the girl/boyfriend?” or “are you having kids any time soon?” Well, now you have the perfect answer!

#6. Just the essentials

Packing just the essentials!
Image source: Bored Panda

We could understand this photo two different ways:

  1. The person was packing and decided to make the joke
  2. The person was packing and the dog wanted attention

I think both options are very much viable - and they’re both very much likely true!

#7. Best therapist in town

Best therapist in town!
Image source: Bored Panda

Are dogs the best therapists ever or what? They listen so very patiently and give us so much love during the process! They’re the best proof sometimes we don’t need solutions, we just need some love and someone to listen.

#8. Thinking about the future

Thiking about the future!
Image source: Bored Panda

Dogs can get pretty bummed out whenever you’re going out, but you can make them understand this is the best way to get a better future for the family! Of course, whether they understand it or not, they’ll be really glad when you come back!

#9. Obsessed much

Obsessed much!
Image source: Bored Panda

We all have that one friend that’s obsessed with their pets and want to show us every single picture of them (some may even do some scrapbooks).

And here’s the catch:

If you’re there thinking “hmmm, who’s my friend like that? I don’t think I have one of those.” Well then, it’s probably you who’s the obsessed one!

#10. Cutest kiddo ever pt2

Cutest kiddo ever pt2!
Image source: Bored Panda

After some time having a dog at home, every dog owner starts treating their dogs as their kids. Which means, throwing them a birthday party, getting their bed ready to sleep, or taking them to the playground - because why not, right?

Hope you’ve enjoyed these adorable tweets and that they have warmed your heart the way they did mine! Feel free to share your own dog photos, tweets, and stories with us in the comments below or through our Facebook page!

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