Wedding cakes are sometimes considered its own wedding attraction. The time of its presentation is always surrounded by much anticipation, and the bride and groom on the cake can also be a fun surprise!

Thanks to the decorative features that allow to decorate a cake in several ways, they have become an icon of the wedding, and you can now choose between making a traditional cake with a conservative decoration, or you can do everything extravagantly. One can also create decorations focused on specific topics.

It's your wedding day -- you are allowed to laugh and show off your individuality! Try something different! A cake that reflects your spirit. You can make outstanding cakes that are entirely edible. A cake that will be really appreciated and hardly forgotten.

We present to you the most creative and personal wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers. Maybe some of these can inspire you to create your own cake!

A Wedding to Re"meme"ber

A creative meme wedding cake topper is the perfect way to show off your personality at your wedding.
Me gusta Diply

The Big Push

If, as the wife-to-be, you had to give your hubby a big push to get him down the aisle, this is the perfect wedding cake topper for you!
Don't let him get away! Diply

All In!

Whether you love cake or simply can't walk in high heels, this fallen bride wedding cake topper is a perfect way to show your humor!
She's "all in" for this wedding Diply

Reeling Him In

For the couple who loves to fish together, this
She made quite the catch! Diply


If you love Inception-style decorations, you'll love this meta cake topper!
Kitchen antics around the cake Diply

Roped Him In

Yee-haw! For all you country gals and boys, this is the perfect wedding cake topper!
She managed to rope him in after all Diply

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