This week, the goal was to find awesome and genius bathroom gadgets — the kind you didn’t know you needed. The journey was long, arduous, and winding, taking me to some of the strangest products on the internet - for example, did you know you can purchase Bitcoin toilet paper? You can.

But did I find what I was looking for?

You bet I did!

So here are 10 genius bathroom products you didn’t know you needed…Plus one you probably don’t. You probably don’t need that last one.

1. Toothpaste squeezer and holder

A toothpaste squeezer makes everything easier.
A toothpaste squeezer makes everything easier. Source: Amazon

No more people squeezing in the middle of the toothpaste, and no more struggling to get that last bit out!

This practical addition also comes with a toothbrush holder for the family, making it even easier to keep things neat and organised.

And seriously, you people who squeeze in the middle of the toothpaste:

2. Hair brush cleaner

This hair brush cleaner is a great addition.
This hair brush cleaner is a great addition. Source: Amazon

No more pulling hairs when… pulling hairs!

That was a horrible pun, I apologize.

These little guys make it a lot easier to clean hair brushes — since pulling the hairs with your hands is harder, takes longer, and can even damage the brush.

3. Shower drain filter

A shower drain filter makes it easier to clean.
A shower drain filter makes it easier to clean. Source: Amazon

A neat and elegant way to prevent hairs from accumulating in the drain, that even comes in different colors for your purchasing pleasure.

This shower drain filter is beveled outwards too, meaning nothing unwanted will go down the drain. And it’s easy to remove and clean anytime!

4. Phone stand

A neat phone stand to prevent accidents.
A neat phone stand to prevent accidents. Source: Amazon

OK, phones aren’t really meant to go inside the bathroom — humidity is no good for phones…

But we take them anyway, don’t we?

So you might as well have a nice stand to leave it on — I’ve had instances of leaving it on top of the shower door. It’s a miracle my phone hasn’t fallen in the shower yet.

5. Shower head with embedded wireless speaker

A technological shower head with embedded speakers.
A technological shower head with embedded speakers. Source: Amazon

I’ve seen awesome shower heads with lights and other technological shenanigans, but this one in particular stood out:

It comes with an embedded wireless speaker IN the shower head. It’s a practical and slick tech addition to the bathroom!

6. Bath tray

Who says luxury costs much?
Who says luxury costs much? Source: Amazon

If I knew feeling like a monarch in the tub only cost $50, I would have done it a lot sooner. Although I’m not a fan of bringing electronics to the bathroom, so I would use this for book reading instead!

Plus, if anything happens, you get to say:

Obligatory Friends gif
Source: Giphy

7. Anti-odor spray for dire situations

For when you're in dire straits.
For when you're in dire straits. Source: Amazon

OK, as much as we would LOVE to forget whenever this happens, it just does:

You’re in someone’s home and you go to the bathroom. And let’s just say it’s a rather smelly one. So you do your thing, you flush, wash your hands, walk out, and someone immediately enters the bathroom right after you.

This toilet spray is for those situations. You can carry it around in your purse and spray before you go (hence the name), and it will mask whatever happens afterwards.


8. Bathroom Mirror Wiper

A handy and useful mirror wiper.
A handy and useful mirror wiper. Source: Amazon

Using your hands or a towel to wipe the mirrors when they get foggy is not ideal — you risk damaging the mirror and it never totally works, does it?

This wiper solves it all. You can keep it hanging near the mirror with a convenient adhesive hook (no need for drills) and use it for wiping the mirror, the box, the walls, whenever you need.

9. Stool for shaving in the shower

Make shaving a lot easier with this beauty.
Make shaving a lot easier with this beauty. Source: Amazon

Make your life a million times easier with this simple stool — a place to rest your foot when shaving in the shower.

Much safer than balancing around on wet floor, and much more comfortable than bending down in the shower.

And since it’s a stool, you can move it easily and place wherever is best for you!

10. Towel warmers

Towel warmers for winter days.
Towel warmers for winter days. Source: Amazon

OK, it may be more a luxury than a necessity, but especially during cold winter nights, a towel warmer can make your showers 100% more relaxing.

It also works for robes, so the warm shower experience follows you wherever you go.

And finally…

You probably don't need this one.
You probably don't need this one. Source: Amazon

Is this funny? I thought it was funny.

I don’t understand or play golf, so I can’t really comment on that part. People who love golf, I ask you: does this speak to you in any way, shape, or form? Would you even use it?

I somehow doubt it. But eh.

I thought it was funny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If your bathroom is in need of bigger changes (like remodels or repairs), you can talk to a local pro and get a free quote for your project!

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