There’s a reason “interior designer” is a profession that requires knowledge and experience — there are so many elements at work it’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t know what you’re doing.


These mistakes we’re about to see are on a whole other level.

These aren’t so much “interior designer” mistakes as much as they are crimes against all order and balance in the universe.

So let’s dive right in and get really annoyed at them.

1. A minor drawer problem

Sweet planning at work here.
Sweet planning at work here. Source: Little Things

I guess it’s not that much of a problem if you weren’t planning on opening both at the same time. But still.

Great job, guys!

2. Stairway to… nothing?

Stairway to... somewhere? Probably?
Stairway to... somewhere? Probably? Source: EMGN

This feels like when you’re playing a game and wander off to the wrong path where there is no more “game.”

Or like someone really messed up.

3. Good luck going down these stairs

Good luck trying to figure what is an actual step.
Good luck trying to figure what is an actual step. Source: Bored Panda

This stairwell is a nightmare to look at, let alone taking a trip down the confusing set of steps.

Grab the sides and hug the wall, just to be safe. And it’s weird to say this about stairs, but…

It might be safer if you don’t look down.

4. The incredible case of the invisible stairs

These are stairs. Seriously.
These are stairs. Seriously. Source: BuzzBuzzHome

Yes, these are stairs.

What’s so hard about making steps easy to see?

You might as well slide down these stairs.

5. A ceiling fan situation

This is how NOT to do something.
This is how NOT to do something. Source: Wonderful Engineering

I mean…

Was there really no more room outside of this frame? Did this ceiling fan HAVE to be in THAT corner?

And how did no one notice the blades would touch the wall until they did?


6. And here’s where we’ll hang our dual swords ornament…

This is not right.
This is not right. Source: Daily Mail

Uhm… This looks dangerous. I don’t like it. Someone, please, do something about this.

Right now.

I’m anxious.

Swords? Here?
STAHP. Source: Giphy
IMPORTANT: Never EVER leave swords or any pointy thingies hanging over the baby bed. Seriously.

7. A sink problem

The saddest sink of all time.
The saddest sink of all time. Source: Inspire More

You know what? Maybe it didn’t look this bad during planning. I just wonder how they’ll get anything done in this sink from now on.

Look at it.

It’s so sad.

8. This was made to annoy me, right?

This. Is. The. Worst.
This. Is. The. Worst. Source: Buzzfeed

This has to have been done on purpose, right? There’s no way this could have actually happened by accident, is there?

Please tell me there’s nothing inside those drawers…

9. Double… toilets?

Double toilets are a thing, for some reason.
Double toilets are a thing, for some reason. Source: Little Things

Well, I guess you can hold hands while you…


I’m not saying it.

10. A wild refrigerator appeared

What was the idea here?
What was the plan here? Source: Imgur

I guess if the point was to make it look like a life-size T.A.R.D.I.S. spawned in the kitchen… well, no, even then, this doesn’t work.

Why don’t we all ponder today on what was the plan here, and if it was successful at all?

Because I can’t think of a single plan where the proper result is…

Well, that.

11. The saddest thing you’ll see today

... Why?
Why? Source: Daily Mail




I'm sad.
Source: Giphy

12. Double toilets again?

This was made on PURPOSE?
This was made on PURPOSE? Source: Vorply

Well, I guess you can hold hands while…


I’m still not saying it.

13. A great example of planning ahead

Planning masters at work.
Planning masters at work. Source: Imgur

Let’s all just hope this is the most reliable toilet of all time.

Otherwise, they’re in serious trouble when this thing needs repairs.

14. The scariest bathroom in the world

What a nightmare.
What a nightmare. Source: Vorply



15. This looks… splendid

This looks like...
This looks like... Source: Bored Panda

This sink pattern looks a lot like…


Terrible choice, guys.

Terrible, terrible choice.

Was there really no other option?

Oh no. Source: Giphy

16. Double toilets… AGAIN?

Nope. Source: A&D

Well, I guess you can hold--

I’m definitely not saying this one.

17. Oh my god

The designer was drunk.
The designer was drunk. Source: Inspire More

Oh, goodness gracious, somebody hold me, I’m feeling…


Modern art has gone too far again.

Ugh. Source: Giphy

18. A dream that almost was

Window or door - who knows?
Window or door - who knows? Source: Instagram

You know what the best part about this is? Trying to tell yourself a story where this actually happens. Maybe this window just really wanted to be a door. It came so close.

19. In the clouds

What even.
What even. Source: Good Times

Because that’s what everyone wants when they go to the toilet:

To feel like they’re sitting on a throne in the clouds. “The clouds” being very close to the ceiling.


20. Tree problem

Welp. Source: GHK

… They must have known the tree was there, right?

I hope they only have bikes in this house.

Or a very, very tiny car.

Rejoice, we’re done!

Phew, that was painful.

Remember, if you want to prevent horribly comic mistakes like the ones above, you should always hire a pro for your projects! Real pros will guide you from planning to execution and make sure everything is where it should be.

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