There is nothing worse than sitting down to a meal with your family and seeing a bug rush across the floor. While roaches and ants are the most common bugs you might find in the kitchen, they aren't the only ones. 

If you see a single bug, you can rest assured that there are even more hiding in places you can't see. Before you bug out, learn the best ways to get rid of all types of kitchen bugs! 

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Clean Your Cabinets

One of the first tips on how to get rid of bugs in kitchen is that you should start with your cabinets. The odds are good that there are a few bugs living in your upper and lower cabinets. 

  • Start by removing everything inside and wiping them down. 
  • Look for cleaners designed for the type of cabinets you have. 
  • Remove any open bags or food crumbs that you see. 
  • You'll also want to let the cabinets dry before you fill them again.

Tackle the Floors

Cleaning the floor is your next step. Roaches and other types of bugs often find their way into your home via scent trails. Both kids and adults can spill food in the kitchen and leave crumbs behind in other rooms. Those bugs will follow the trails your family left behind and wind up in your kitchen where they find even more food. 

Many vacuums will work on both carpeted floors and hardwood floors, but you can also use tile cleaner and a mop. Once the floors are dry, take a few minutes to apply a bug barrier to prevent the bugs from coming back.

Check Hidden Areas

Kitchen bugs can hide in many spaces that you would never consider, such as the baseboards. 

Baseboards are the thin boards that surround your kitchen and sit on top of both the floor and wall. You may not realize that these boards have a thin gap behind them, which is just the right size for most bugs. Vacuum cleaners often have attachments that allow you to get behind those boards. 

You'll also want to look at your windows and sills as the bugs can come through gaps and live on the sills. Using caulk allows you to close the gaps and block their entry to your home.

Use Bait Traps

An easy way to get rid of common bugs is with bait traps. Bait traps use different formulas designed for different types of bugs, but they all use the same design. They attract bugs that then go inside the trap. The bugs will eat the bait inside and go back to their nests. They will then spread the bait around their nests, which will kill the other bugs. 

Other types of bait traps attract bugs, but once they go inside, they can't get back.

Consider Poison

Another option if you don't want to use bait traps is poison. Keep in mind that you should be careful about using poison if you have pets or kids. Always place the poison on the tallest shelves or cabinets to keep them away from small children and animals. 

Poison is a good form of bug control because it kills all of the bugs in your home and works on different types of insects. You can easily use more poison whenever you need it if you keep seeing kitchen bugs.

Take Out the Trash

If you turned to the internet to learn how to get rid of pantry bugs, keep in mind that bugs only survive in places where they have a food source. That’s why it’s wise to go through your pantry and throw away any open packages. 

Bugs often look for food such as oatmeal and other types of dry goods such as flour and cereal. You should place any open packages in sealed and airtight plastic containers. 

Investing in a good trashcan can also help because it limits the access bugs have to the food you throw away. It's important that you take out the trash as soon as possible and avoid leaving trash sitting out.

Consult the Pros

Don't be afraid to ask for help from the pros. An exterminator can come in and inspect your home, and they'll tell you what types of bugs they see and how the bugs entered your home along with the best ways to get rid of them. 

Exterminators can often kill bugs in a few hours or less and return for spot treatments in the future to ensure that you don't suffer another infestation. They often have access to treatments that normal people do not.       

Do you have a problem with common bugs in your kitchen? Call a pest control company and request an estimate to get rid of them today!


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