Holidays are always great to spend time with the family and to savor a bunch of delicious meals. But, as the night ends, many homeowners need to deal with the mess that the holiday cooking created. And just as expected, cleaning everything up turns out to be a really tiring task.

However, it doesn't necessarily need to be tiresome. There are always some tricks to go over the boring stuff and make your cleaning tasks less laborious. Take a look below at 10 holiday cleaning tips to make your dishes less of a chore: 

Have a Good Kitchen Organization

To start, it’s important for you to have a well-managed kitchen organization. Make sure you know where all your cookware, utensils, and especially cleaning equipment are. This way, the cleaning can turn out to be way faster than you imagine. 

Otherwise, you would probably waste time searching for the stuff you need while in the midst of holiday cooking.

Clean As You Cook

Use your time effectively. As you’re cooking, use any free time you have between tasks to clean something. You can wash some dishes, clean the countertop, or do another task you prefer, this way by the end of the night you’ll have fewer things to do than you normally would.

Good Sink Management 

As we’re talking about organization, the management of your sink is just another similar topic just as important. Good sink management can make a considerable difference during your cleaning chores.

Keeping the sink clean and placing items near the sink as soon as they are done being used are simple tasks that can make your cleaning run a bit more smoothly and practical. Plus, it can also occasionally avoid the chances of any dishes getting broken or damaged because they are in a spot they shouldn’t be. 

Try Using Fewer Dishes

One of the most important things you can try to make your holiday cleaning easier is to use the least amount of dishes you can, this way there will be fewer items you’ll need to wash.

For example, avoid using another dish to serve the meal when you can simply use the pan you used for cooking, or avoid preparing single-portion dishes when you can make a big batch and let guests serve themselves.

Furthermore, there is always the option to outsource some meals. Ask for some guests to bring something special with them, or order from local restaurants.

Have An Empty Dishwasher

As any homeowner knows, the dishwasher is an important appliance for kitchen cleaning tasks. However, what may not be really thought about is how keeping the dishwasher always empty can be helpful.

Eating and having dinner with the family can be amazing, but by the end of the night, your kitchen will probably be a mess, with several plates, pans, and cookware to wash. This way, the emptier your dishwasher is the more items you’ll be able to clean without wasting time, and the more practical and easier your holiday cleaning will be.

Always Keep Some Dishrags and Paper Towels In Hand

It might not seem really important, but there is always the need to wipe something down when you’re cooking. It’s much easier to wipe sauce off the counter while it’s fresh rather than hours later when it dries, for example. 

As soon as something drips on the counter, floor, cooktop and etc, create the habit of wiping it immediately. This will make kitchen cleaning much easier for you later. 

Have The Right Cleaning Items

Quality products make a difference when cleaning, but you probably already know that. What I want to emphasize here is the need for the RIGHT items. 

For example, there are many sponges specialized in cleaning off grease from pans, while other types may be perfect for glasses. Using a stove degreaser will also take you much less time to clean than it would take you with an all-purpose cleaner.

Having the right equipment can save you time, and that cannot be said enough. Therefore, make sure you have everything you need before the holidays.

Avoid Hot Water With Starch or Dairy

As you cook something starch or dairy-based, avoid using hot water to wash the pans after. Hot water makes starch and dairy-based foods stickier, making them harder to clean. Instead of hot water, use cold water. Then after the food pieces are gone, you can go back to using hot water normally. 

Use Water to Clean Off Grease

Different from starch and dairy, using hot water for cleaning off greasy pans is way better than cold water. The hot water temperature melts the grease and makes it easier to be cleaned off. Knowing that, remember to use hot water in greasy pans, this way you can save some minutes from your time washing the dishes.

Look for Local Cleaning Help

Always remember that there are several local cleaning companies you can seek out during the holidays. Many homeowners are too busy this week and some just want to spend all the time they have with the family, so the service is actually very common this time of the year.

They have professional cleaning experience and no doubt they also have some really good tricks for more practical and easier cleaning.

Contact a local house cleaning service to help you during the holidays and avoid stress during the best time of the year!


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