Water is one of the most precious resources on earth. As the threat of climate change continues to grow, water scarcity is now a real possibility. 

For this reason, people at the household level are looking for ways to save water and keep this precious resource flowing through our taps for generations to come. 

Besides, by reducing water wastage at home, you will also be saving yourself a lot of money in monthly utility bills. But to know how to save water at home, you must be able to tell that you are wasting it in the first place. 

Yard Care

There is no doubt we all love having a garden or a yard where we can grow plants. Also, having some plant life and greenery outside always plays a key role in revamping your landscape. 

But outdoor plants need water to thrive. Some plants need more water than others but, in most cases, a lot of water in the household is wasted outside. 

If you find that you have to overwater your yard, you should consider an artificial yard or water-resistant plants.

Shorter Showers 

There is a lot of water wasted during bath time. In fact, according to estimates, the average time it takes most Americans to get a shower is around 8 minutes. During this period, over 17.2 gallons of water is used. 

That is a lot of water and if you have three or four people living in the same house, you can start to see the bills pile up. There are ways to address this though. First, you can use low-flow showerheads that limit the amount of water flowing into the head

Also, one of the ways to save water at home would be to limit bath time. You don't need 8 minutes to shower. You can try having shorter showers and live happier with lower utility bills and knowing that you’re doing your part. 

Check Your Faucets

Certain water wastages can be very difficult to detect. Leaky faucets are some of them. A leaky faucet simply drips water 24/7. Since most of this water comes out in drops, it can be easy to ignore this and simply assume it to be normal. 

But according to some estimates, leaky faucets can lose up to 10,000 gallons of water each year. This is a huge amount of water for a single house. 

Contacting a plumber to do leaky faucet repair or shower faucet repair is a wise move that can save you a lot in bills. 

Using the Toilet as a Dump 

There is this bad habit of dumbing everything into the toilet and just flushing it down the drains. This is a very dangerous thing. 

First, it means that you will be flushing that toilet more than you have to. Secondly, there is a risk of blocking the drains that are crucial for the home’s plumbing. 

You may also want to pay close attention if you have a toilet leaking from base. This is a major culprit in water wastage and one that easily goes unnoticed. 

Avoid Washing Dishes with Running Water 

You do not need running water to wash your dishes. This will make you use almost three times the amount of water you will need to clean the same dishes if you used a bowl instead. 

So, get a large bowl and fill it with water. Clean your dishes there and rinse them using another bowl as well. These are some of the simplest ways to save water at home but they can do a lot to reduce water usage and wastage.

Close the Faucet While Brushing Teeth

The more you use running water, the more water you will waste. Just like washing dishes, you do not need running water to brush your teeth. 

You can simply use a cup or glass of water. Brush your teeth as much as you want and rinse after while keeping the faucets tightly closed.

A local plumber can easily locate sneaky leakage around the house and help you save water at home!


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